Shoe eyelet machine

How to identify if a shoe eyelet machine is right for you? Take a look at these details

30 Jun 2021

Do you need to invest in an eyeleting machine for footwear or leather goods? If you want to make the right decision, here are some tips on what to look out for. There are some aspects such as dimensions or weight that you should also consider depending on the available space. At JOPEVI you...

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Basic guide: What to know before buying a tarpaulin eyelet machine

Basic guide: What to know before buying a tarpaulin eyelet machine

15 Jun 2021

Which machines for placing eyelets on canvas are the most complete today? If you are looking for optimization and high quality finishes, at JOPEVI you will find all the answers.  We manufacture state-of-the-art machinery with dimensions optimized for the growth of production  in...

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footwear eyelet machines

The latest in footwear eyelet machines: speed, precision and top quality finishes

31 May 2021

The footwear industry is undergoing one of the most important changes in history: technologisation. Automated processes have brought about a new way of working, with fast and safe production cycles, which is being adopted by most workshops and factories. JOPEVI's latest generation of footwear...

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Riveting machines

Discover the best technology in riveting machines: JOPEVI

13 May 2021

Advances in industrial processes  are increasing and JOPEVI has contributed to this in part thanks to the development of machinery:  machines to put rivets in footwear and textiles, machines to put eyelets in curtains and canvas, machines to put snaps  ... customers a flawless...

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Eyeleting machines

Improve your digital print finishing with these innovative eyelet machines

30 Apr 2021

The workforce in the printing shops continues to be a major problem: production delays, increased costs, inaccuracies in the placement of the eyelet, material wear, incomplete orders ... The solution that all companies are turning to is the automation. At JOPEVI we have developed innovative...

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