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procurement of plastic grommets in digital printing

​Do you know why plastic eyelets are the most used in digital printing?

27 Jul 2022

Plastic eyelets are very common in graphic media finishing, but do you know what makes them so special and different from the rest? Nowadays, they are a great bet to improve the quality of the reinforcement and they are presented as a more ecological and environmentally friendly alternative to...

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riveting machines

What are the best riveting machines? Find out here

18 Jul 2022

JOPEVI riveting machines are one of the best solutions for joining different materials together. There are many types of rivets, in different materials and shapes, but they all fit our machines. They are suitable for riveting jeans, leather goods, shoes, curtains and tarpaulins, as well as in...

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quality finishing in the graphic arts industry

​How to achieve a quality finish in the graphic arts industry

12 Jul 2022

Digital printing involves many processes that must not be lost in detail: firstly, the pre-printing stage, where the resolution, colour, format, measurements, etc. are carried out; printing and finally, post-printing, where special finishes take on great importance in order to preserve the...

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Automatic potting machine for pots

​Features of the JOPEVI automatic pot setting machine

5 Jul 2022

Do you know what it's like to work with an automatic potting machine like JOPEVI's? Today we invite you to discover the great potential of this type of machinery and how it can improve the productivity, performance and optimisation of many workshops dedicated to the art of finishing. Pay...

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plastic pots manufacturers

Personalization in JOPEVI's plastic pots: a different, innovative and quality product.

28 Jun 2022

Did you know that with JOPEVI plastic pots and pans you offer exclusivity? As they are customisable, they allow for greater creativity, allowing you to choose the colours, leave the transparencies or even make the engravings you want. If you are a supplier in the digital printing sector, this...

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