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How can you choose the right eyelet machinery for your business?

How can you choose the right eyelet machinery for your business?
28 Feb 2022

If you don't want to make a mistake when it comes to choosing the eyelet machinery that your business needs, you will be interested in reading this post. If you are looking for a manufacturer of machines for the clothing, footwear and leather goods industry, we are your best option. We put at your service our long experience in the sector and the most avant-garde techniques available in the market to offer you precise, fast and safe machinery.

In JOPEVI you will find very versatile machinery that allows you to make eyelets in all types of materials: textile, cardboard, PVC, canvas ... regardless of how easy or difficult it is to cut the raw material. Our machines are characterised by the fact that they prevent the material from wrinkling both when punching and when riveting the eyelets. With our machines you can make eyelets in:

  • shower curtains
  • curtains of different fabrics
  • tarpaulins to cover swimming pools
  • awnings
  • tarpaulins to cover trucks
  • advertising tarpaulins for facades of building sites, football fields ...

Although we only manufacture polycarbonate eyelets and grommets in different sizes for eyelets in textiles and footwear, our machines can fit both our plastic eyelets and other metal eyelets. Our eyelets have different sizes and thicknesses so that the most suitable one can be used depending on the material to be used. We always recommend the use of plastic eyelets in fabric curtains as, contrary to what happens with metal eyelets, they increase their durability.

What grommet machinery does JOPEVI offer you?

If you are looking for machinery to set eyelets in textiles, JOPEVI has a varied catalogue of machines for eyelets in fabrics: curtains, tarpaulins, awnings ... among which we highlight:

  • Lever-operated manual machine with trolley for easy movement.
  • Very fast automatic machines
  • Pneumatic machines that are operated by pedal or push button.

Depending on the model you choose, there are eyelet machines that perforate the fabric and place the eyelets in the same movement, they have a distance regulator, laser pointer to place the eyelets and washer detector.

Do you need information about the most suitable eyelet machine for your business? We will be pleased to advise you

Contact JOPEVI and we will show you the eyelet machinery for textile eyelets that you need in your company.
We are sure that when you tell us what type of fabrics you use in your factory and what kind of articles you make, we will be able to advise you on the eyelet machinery best suited to your needs.

In addition to machinery to set eyelets in textiles, at JOPEVI we also offer you machinery to set rivets, hooks with or without washers, snap fasteners, all kinds of metal ornaments, etc.

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