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Opportunity for growth and improved production times: This is the Eyelet Machinery for digital printing you need

Opportunity for growth and improved production times: This is the Eyelet Machinery for digital printing you need
4 Feb 2022

To think that some primitive techniques are still used for the reinforcement of fastenings on canvases or banners , is most curious. And it is that the machinery to place eyelets in digital printing has promoted the growth of this sector that since its inception has been linked to tradition, but that, over time, most companies have valued and considered the great advantages of implementing this new technology in their businesses.

The jump from traditional printing to digital printing has meant great benefits for the growth of companies in the graphic industry, among the most important it is worth highlighting the speed in production times, the performance of the operators who, with systematic processes and simple, they do not tire as much as before, and the greater customization in the types of finish , a trend that is on the rise.

The demand for personalized products is increasing, as today's modern machines allow it. For example, in the world of advertising, eye-catching banners, vinyls and canvases are demanded for interiors (shopping centers, fairs, etc.) and exteriors (facades of buildings, roadside billboards, etc.) that comply with a style and finish personalized, such as using transparent, colored or engraved eyelets . Let's see an example of a machine that meets the needs of this type.

Machinery to place eyelets in digital printing with which you can customize your finishes on canvas or advertising banners

What machinery to place eyelets in digital printing is currently better? The JOPEVI J-237 PLASTIC machine is considered the fastest and most complete on the market due to its advantageous characteristics . It is equipped with the latest technology, converting the eyelet and rivet placement process into a simple action, with the greatest possible precision through a laser pointer and taking special care of the material.

Plastic eyelets are highly recommended in advertising items , as they allow greater creativity and customization , as well as not rusting and better withstand temperatures than metal eyelets. These are some of the value proposals that you can offer in your eyelets:

  • Possibility to choose between several colors
  • Transparent eyelets, a more discreet option
  • Make engravings with letters, numbers or symbols

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