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Differences between fabric eyelet machines and PVC eyelet machines

Differences between eyelet machines for PVC and fabric eyelets
30 Jul 2021

Depending on the material you are going to work with and pierce, you will need to use a machine that will keep its qualities intact, without causing damage or waste. In this post we are going to focus on two of the most used materials in the market when it comes to eyelet and eyelet placement: PVC and fabric.

In the case of PVC, the process is much simpler, as it is a material that is easy to cut and moulds quite well to different shapes. However, for the production of curtains, awnings and textiles, a more demanding eyelet machine is required, especially one that avoids the formation of wrinkles.

If you are wondering where you can find the most suitable machinery for each type, at JOPEVI we manufacture and design eyelet machines that adapt to all types of materials: natural fibres, artificial fibres, cardboard, PVC... They are the most versatile and fastest on the market, and can even set eyelets in various shapes (oval, round...) and sizes:

  • Between 2 mm and 7 mm inner hole
  • Between 8 mm and 16 mm inner hole
  • Up to 18 mm inner hole
  • Up to 40 mm inner hole

Can I use the same machine for setting eyelets in PVC as for setting eyelets in fabric?

 The answer is yes. If you are going to work with various materials, you will be interested to know that at JOPEVI we provide multi-purpose machines that are equally suitable for cutting, punching and riveting fabric as well as plastics and PVC. With JOPEVI's versatile machines you won't have to think about whether or not it is suitable for your items. You will be sure to have made the right choice, as well as the most comfortable and technologically advanced.

Apart from offering special care in the perforation of each material, JOPEVI machines have many other advantages that are worth knowing.

  • Automated or semi-automated movements: by changing the rail and trunnions, motorised, lever or automatic, being able to punch and rivet in the same movement with two independent axes...
  • With laser pointer to place the eyelets, eyelets and rivets in the right place, without the pulse playing a trick or risks.
  • With washer detector selector to make sure that each eyelet is placed next to its respective washer.

Are you looking for a manufacturer of PVC and fabric eyelet machines?

JOPEVI is the manufacturer of industrial machines for footwear and textile you are looking for. It offers technical solutions for all types of materials and needs, as well as being the most advanced machinery on the market.

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