Basic guide: What to know before buying a tarpaulin eyelet machine

Basic guide: What to know before buying a tarpaulin eyelet machine
15 Jun 2021

Which machines for placing eyelets on canvas are the most complete today? If you are looking for optimization and high quality finishes, at JOPEVI you will find all the answers. We manufacture state-of-the-art machinery with dimensions optimized for the growth of production in quantity and quality.

In the industry there are two ways of working: the traditional one, with slow processes and exhausted operators; and the advanced one, with fast and versatile machines , like those of JOPEVI, capable of perforating the material and placing the part in a single movement . Most workshops and factories already adopt this new method given the great benefits it brings:

  • Better performance of the operator who works more comfortably with automated and fast processes
  • Time optimization
  • Good coordination
  • Precision in the placement of the eyelets
  • Preservation of material quality
  • Compact and resistant end product
  • Etc.

Before making a decision, it is important to ask yourself a series of questions about the machinery you want to obtain: Does it adapt to all types of material? Is it easy to handle? Is it suitable for small or large formats? Do you have security systems? Will you allow me to place the eyelet in the precise place that I want? Is it optimal to put eyelets with washers? What models of industrial machines are the best valued on the market

The JOPEVI team will be happy to inform you of all the characteristics, technical aspects, prices , etc. about the prototype of the machine you want, taking into account the use that is going to be given and the available budget.

Machines for placing eyelets on exterior tarpaulins: why they need a greater reinforcement

What should we take into account if we want to reinforce the fastening of exterior canvases? When exposed to the open air, external pathogens and meteorological factors influence the resistance of the ollao. In these cases, it is essential to have machines to place eyelets on canvases designed to withstand possible rain, wind, humidity , etc. The size of the tarp will determine the number of eyelets needed.

To face this situation, at JOPEVI we always recommend plastic eyelets, since they better withstand temperature changes, do not rust or deform . The most common cases in which tarpaulins are used outdoors are in advertising. For example, on building facades, scaffolding, shopping centers, shops , etc.

JOPEVI, manufacturer of machines to place eyelets on outdoor and indoor advertising canvas

At JOPEVI we are dedicated to the design and manufacture of machines for placing plastic and metal eyelets. They are versatile, fast and adapt to all kinds of material , three fundamental aspects that you should consider before investing in machinery of this type.

If you want to discover the most optimized hole-making machines on the market, enter the JOPEVI web catalog and you will see the different models. For any extra information you need, you always have the option of contacting our experts:

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