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Improve your digital print finishing with these innovative eyelet machines

Eyeleting machines
30 Apr 2021

The workforce in the printing shops continues to be a major problem: production delays, increased costs, inaccuracies in the placement of the eyelet, material wear, incomplete orders ... The solution that all companies are turning to is the automation. At JOPEVI we have developed innovative machines for putting eyelets, eyelets, rivets, snaps and finishing parts (metal and plastic) that put an end to downtime and speed up production rates .

Have you calculated how long it takes to place 10 eyelets manually? If you compare it to JOPEVI machines, you will be amazed at the time saved and the benefits it brings to worker performance and production cycles. For example, with the use of this automatic eyelet rail machine it is possible to pierce the material and rivet the eyelets with just one movement . For greater comfort, the operator also has the possibility of positioning the eyelets through the laser pointer that is implemented in the same machine.

It must be taken into account that the physical wear suffered by an operator with manual processes is much greater than with an automated machine . In finishing departments where rudimentary techniques are still used, it is common to see production delays and saturation of employees who do not perform at the same level, especially in the strongest campaigns. This situation could be avoided with a good forecast and provision of high-performance machinery .

JOPEVI: the best technology in machines to put eyelets and reinforcement pieces

How do you know which eyelet machines to invest in? It will largely depend on the volume of production and the type of finish you want to obtain. At JOPEVI we manufacture all kinds of sniffing machines, both for small and large productions . We offer the best technology for reinforcement and finishes in footwear, leather goods, clothing, curtains, awnings, canvases and graphic arts:

  • Machines for placing brooches
  • Eyelet Machines
  • Machines for placing plastic and metal eyelets
  • Machines for placing hooks with or without washers
  • Machines for placing all kinds of metal ornaments

If you want to bet on innovation, this is the best time. At JOPEVI we are revolutionizing the industry with the design and manufacture of high-tech machinery . One of our star products is our automatic motorized machine to put eyelets , the fastest and most complete you will find on the market today.

Ask about our revolutionary eyelet machines

At JOPEVI we have a wide network of contacts , which allows us to distribute our machines to put eyelets and eyelets all over the world: France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

If you need a complete installation of the workshop with automated processes to increase your production levels, you can contact our specialists without obligation so they can advise you.

Call us at the phone number +34 966 651 008 or send us an email to the following address: .