These are the trends in product personalisation with plastic and metal eyelets that you can apply to your business

These are the trends in product personalisation with plastic and metal eyelets that you can apply to your business
16 May 2024

In the era of customization, the details make the difference! Did you know that plastic and metal eyelets have become an essential tool in the world of fashion, leather goods and textile design? From clothing to decorative accessories, eyelets offer a unique way to add a distinctive touch to any product.

One of the main trends in customizing products with eyelets is the variety of options available. Whether plastic, metal, or any other material, eyelets come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors . This allows designers and manufacturers to adapt each detail to the desired aesthetics and functionality.

In addition to simply adding a decorative element, eyelets are used creatively to enhance the functionality of products . From creating unique patterns to incorporating functional elements like laces or ribbons, eyelets offer endless possibilities for design innovation.

At the same time, its presence in clothing, bags, curtains and more adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any product. Whether in a glossy, matte or aged finish, the eyelets can adapt to the style of any design, adding a touch of class.

With JOPEVI automatic machines you will never damage your products again by adding plastic or metal eyelets!

At JOPEVI we are proud to present our plastic and metal eyelet placing machines, designed with precision and years of experience to offer impeccable results in record time. The characteristics that make them stand out are:

  • Innovation that transforms production: Our machines are the result of years of innovation and improvement. Designed to be an indispensable tool in any leather goods, textile or footwear production process, they offer a perfect combination of efficiency and quality.
  • Features that make the difference: One of the distinctive features of our machines is their ability to meet the highest quality standards. Equipped with a large-capacity eyelet feeder, they guarantee a continuous and efficient work flow.
  • Versatility to adapt to your needs: With the ability to place eyelets with an internal hole between 8 mm and 16 mm, our machines offer exceptional versatility. In addition, thanks to the quick rail change, they can easily adapt to different sizes and types of eyelets depending on the needs of the project.
  • Accurate Precision: One of the most common concerns in eyelet production is the risk of damaging the material. With our machines, this problem becomes a thing of the past. Thanks to its two independent axes, they pierce the material and rivet the eyelets in a single movement, without creasing or damaging the material.

Do you want to have individualized advice and learn about more important aspects of our machines? Contact the JOPEVI professional team in Spanish or English.

We ship internationally on our plastic or metal grommet machines with up to 3,600 strokes per hour!

At JOPEVI we help you get the plastic eyelet machine you need in your business! And our machines are designed to offer maximum efficiency with a power of 3600 strokes per hour , which will cause you to increase your production to the maximum. As if that were not enough, our company makes international shipments and we distribute in a dozen countries, including:

  • France.
  • Italy.
  • Germany.
  • USA.
  • Greece.
  • Norway.
  • Australia.

Would you love to know more about the fastest machinery in our catalog to put eyelets? Take a look at our J-237 motorized automatic plastic eyelet machine.

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