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Why is the proper positioning of the eyelets so important?

Why is the proper positioning of the eyelets so important?
21 Feb 2024

O-rings are small metal or plastic rings that are placed on the edges of tarps, curtains, and other textile products to facilitate their fastening or hanging. You've probably seen them many times, but maybe you didn't know what they were called or how important they are. We'll tell you how JOPEVI's eyelet machines guarantee excellent results in eyelet placement.

O-rings not only serve an aesthetic function but are also fundamental for the resistance and durability of the products that use them. A well-made eyelet must meet the following requirements:

  • No wrinkling of materials. The eyelets must fit perfectly to the fabric, without leaving wrinkles or folds that could damage the appearance or functionality of the product.
  • Maintaining the same distance and adequate pressure. The eyelets must be placed at the same distance from each other and from the edges so that the product is well tensioned and balanced.
  • Be strong enough. The eyelets must withstand the action of wind, sun, rain, continuous use, and other factors that may affect the products that use them. For example, the eyelets on advertising tarps placed on facades of buildings, football stadiums, large stores, etc. Also, the eyelets on truck tarps, pool covers, awnings, or boat sails. The continuous use of store dressing room curtains, or other types like shower curtains, etc., also requires that the eyelets be properly placed to withstand daily use, avoiding fabric tears, etc.


To achieve perfect eyelets, use JOPEVI's eyelet machines

To achieve a perfect eyelet, it's not enough to have good material; you also need a good eyelet machine. JOPEVI's machines for placing eyelets guarantee excellent work, as they offer the following advantages:

  • They are easy to use.
  • They are precise.
  • They are durable.
  • They are versatile.

JOPEVI's eyelet machines allow you to work with different types of materials, such as tarps, fabrics, leather, plastic, etc., and with different sizes and shapes of eyelets, from small to large, round, oval, etc.


Why choose JOPEVI to buy your eyelet machine?

If you are looking for an eyelet machine, at JOPEVI we offer you:

  • Personalized service.
  • Customer support.
  • Experience and professionalism.
  • Innovation and quality.

To place perfect eyelets, you need a quality eyelet machine, like the ones JOPEVI offers. If you want more information, you can call us at +34 966 651 008, send us an email to  or visit us at our office at Calle Nicolas de Bussi, 32 (Elche Business Park) Elche - 03203 (Alicante) Spain. You won't regret it!