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Eyeleting machines: everything you need to know

Eyeleting machines: everything you need to know
15 Jan 2024

Eyelets are metal elements that are used to reinforce holes in fabrics, leather, canvas and other materials. They are very useful for creating buttonholes, belts, bags and many other products. To place them quickly, accurately and safely, you need the special eyelet machines that we manufacture at JOPEVI.

JOPEVI eyelet machines

JOPEVI is a Spanish company that has been dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of eyelet machines and other footwear machines for more than 50 years. Our catalog is very wide and varied, and we offer solutions for all types of needs in the footwear sector.

Among the eyelet machines that JOPEVI has, we can highlight the following types:

  • Automatic pneumatic machines : The J-231 is used to place eyelets on various materials: canvas, leather, cardboard, PVC, etc. They pierce the material and rivet the eyelet in the same movement. In the following link you will find more information about this shoe machine:

  • Automatic motorized machines : The J-228 is a versatile and comfortable automatic motorized eyelet machine , which is operated with an electric pedal. It has the option of a laser pointer to locate the eyelets. The J-298 is used to put oval eyelets of different sizes. With the J-399 you can place eyelets with a washer , since it has two independent feeders.

All JOPEVI eyelet machines are of high quality, durability and reliability, and comply with current safety regulations. In addition, they can be adapted to different sizes and shapes of eyelets, and the placement distance can be adjusted.

The characteristics of the JOPEVI eyelet machines

JOPEVI eyelet machines have characteristics that make them stand out from the competition. These are some of them:

  • They are easy to use and maintain, and do not require specialized personnel or complex tools.
  • They are efficient and precise , and guarantee perfect placement of the eyelets without damaging the material or leaving marks.
  • They are robust and resistant , and are made with top quality materials that ensure good operation and long useful life.
  • They are versatile , and can be configured according to the client's preferences and needs.
  • They are innovative and ecological , and have the latest technologies and systems that reduce energy consumption and environmental impact.

JOPEVI: your best option if you need machines to put eyelets on footwear

If you are looking for machines to put eyelets for your business, don't hesitate: JOPEVI is your best option. And, in addition to offering you a great variety and quality of products, we offer you a comprehensive service that includes:

  • Professional and personalized advice , to help you choose the machine that best suits your activity and budget.
  • Fast and safe delivery , so that you receive your machine in the shortest time possible and in perfect condition.
  • Guarantee and technical service , so you have the peace of mind of having the support of a serious and responsible company.
  • Customer service , so you can resolve any questions or incidents that arise before, during or after the purchase.

In addition, JOPEVI has distributors all over the world, in countries such as France, Italy, Germany, the United States, Poland, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Greece, Denmark, Portugal and Norway . So, wherever you are, you can enjoy the benefits of working with us.

In short, if you want to improve the performance and quality of your work, don't think twice and trust JOPEVI . We are experts in eyelet machines and we offer you the best quality-price ratio on the market. Contact us and we will inform you without obligation. We are sure that you will be satisfied with our service and our products.

These are our contact details:

  • Telephone: +34 966 651 008
  • Email:
  • Office: Calle Nicolas de Bussi, 32 (Elche Business Park) Elche – 03203 (Alicante) Spain.