The benefits of using plastic eyelets in your garment and advertising projects

The benefits of using plastic eyelets in your garment and advertising projects
20 Nov 2023

If you work in the clothing or advertising sector, you know how important it is to choose the right accessories that complement your designs. Eyelets are pieces that are used to reinforce the holes through which a cord, ribbon or zip tie is passed. Plastic eyelets have many advantages over metal eyelets, and in this article we are going to tell you why you should use them in your projects.

JOPEVI plastic eyelets are recyclable elements that are manufactured with ecological materials, free of heavy metals and phthalates . This makes them safer and more environmentally friendly than metal ones, which can contain toxic and corrosive substances. In addition, plastic eyelets have other advantages such as:

  • They do not rust or deteriorate over time, making them more durable and resistant.
  • They withstand extreme temperatures better, both high and low, without deforming or losing their color.
  • They are more discreet and invisible, since they adapt to the tone of the fabric or canvas and do not reflect light. This improves the aesthetic finish of your projects.
  • They are suitable for use in food environments, according to EU and FDA regulations, making them ideal for hospitality or food related projects.

Main characteristics of the plastic eyelets offered by JOPEVI

At JOPEVI we are experts in machinery for placing eyelets and eyelets in all types of materials. We offer you a wide range of plastic eyelets of the best quality and with the following characteristics:

  • Available in four sizes : Ø8, Ø10, Ø12 and Ø16, each for different thicknesses and materials.
  • Applicable with or without washer , depending on the type of project and the finish you are looking for.
  • Valid for different types of materials : cellular polypropylene, PVC, X-banner, rigid, textile, foam, mesh, etc.
  • Customizable in various colors and even with engravings , to give an original and distinctive touch to your projects.

JOPEVI, your best option if you need machinery to place plastic eyelets

If you want to use plastic eyelets in your projects, you need adequate machinery that guarantees an optimal and professional result. At JOPEVI we offer you the best solution, since we have:

  • Long experience in the sector , since 1969, as manufacturers of machinery for installing eyelets, eyelets, hooks, washers and rivets in footwear, leather goods, curtains, canvas, awnings and graphic arts.
  • Quality customer service , with after-sales, maintenance and machine repair service.
  • An international presence , with distributors all over the world.

Contact us and we will advise you without obligation:

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  • Office: Calle Nicolas de Bussi, 32 (Elche Business Park) Elche – 03203 (Alicante) Spain.

Don't wait any longer and discover the benefits of using plastic eyelets in your projects. You will surprise with the results.