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Benefits of placing eyelets on your items

Benefits of placing eyelets on your items
20 Oct 2023

Using eyelet machines you will increase the safety and protection of your products. Eyelets are small metal or plastic rings that are placed on the edges of fabrics, canvas, leather or other flexible materials. Its function is to reinforce the holes through which a cord, rope or rod is passed to hold, hang or tension the material. Eyelets are used in many sectors: textile, footwear, leather goods, industrial, advertising, construction ...

In addition to decorating or giving a professional touch to your products, eyelets also have a series of benefits related to safety and protection. Some of them are:

  • Prevent accidents : eyelets prevent the material from tearing or breaking when pulled or subjected to pressure. This prevents possible falls, bumps or cuts that could cause serious injuries. For example, eyelets are used in personal protective equipment (PPE), such as harnesses, belts or slings, to ensure their strength and durability.
  • Improve visibility – Eyelets allow light to pass through the material, improving visibility and lighting. This is especially useful in dark places or places with little natural light, such as warehouses, industrial warehouses or tents. Additionally, eyelets can be combined with bold or reflective colors to increase attention and contrast. For example, the eyelets used on road marking flags to warn of possible obstacles or dangers.
  • Reinforce seams : eyelets reinforce seams and prevent them from fraying or splitting with use. This achieves greater firmness and stability of the material. This is important for products that are subject to constant stress or temperature changes, such as canvas, awnings or sails. Additionally, the eyelets make it easy to fold and store the material without it creasing or getting damaged.
  • Prevent wear : eyelets prevent wear and corrosion of the material when in contact with external agents, such as water, air, sun or dust. This extends the useful life of the product and reduces the cost of maintenance and replacement. This is relevant in products that are exposed to adverse weather conditions or humid or saline environments, such as waterproof tarpaulins, nautical tents or protective covers.

As you can see, eyelets are essential allies to improve the safety and protection of your products. But for the eyelets to fulfill their function correctly, it is necessary to have adequate machinery that guarantees their precise and uniform placement .

What characterizes JOPEVI eyelet machines?

At JOPEVI we are specialists in the manufacture of eyelet machines. We have a wide range of models that adapt to the needs and characteristics of each product and sector. Our eyelet machines are:

  • Fast and efficient : our eyelet machines have an automatic system that feeds the eyelets and places them precisely and without waste.
  • Versatile and adaptable : our eyelet machines can work with different types and sizes of eyelets. In addition, they can regulate the distance between the eyelets, which allows the result to be adjusted to the shape of the material.
  • Robust and durable : our eyelet machines are made with high quality materials that resist intensive use and the passage of time. With our eyelet machines you can improve the quality and finish of your products, as well as the safety and protection of your customers.

If you need eyelet machines, contact JOPEVI

JOPEVI is your best option if you need eyelet machines. We are a leading company in the national and international market. We offer you:

  • Comprehensive service : we not only sell you the eyelet machines, but we also advise you on the most suitable model for your product, we install the machinery in your workplace, we train you on its use and maintenance, and we provide you with technical service Fast and efficient after-sales.
  • Personalized attention : we are at your disposal to resolve any questions or queries you may have about our eyelet machines.
  • International experience : we have distributors all over the world, in countries such as France, Italy, Germany, United States, Poland, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Greece, Denmark, Portugal, Norway...

At JOPEVI we offer you the best quality and service in eyelet machines. Contact us through:

  • Telephone: +34 966 651 008
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  • Office: Calle Nicolas de Bussi, 32 (Elche Business Park) Elche – 03203 (Alicante) Spain.