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How do the latest trends in the design and manufacture of footwear and leather goods affect JOPEVI's riveting machinery?

How do the latest trends in the design and manufacture of footwear and leather goods affect JOPEVI's riveting machinery?
1 Sep 2023

If you are dedicated to the design and manufacture of footwear and leather goods, you will know that rivets are an essential element to give shape, resistance and style to your products. But you will also know that not all machinery for placing rivets is the same nor does it offer the same performance and quality.

New trends in footwear and leather goods design

The footwear and leather goods sector is constantly evolving, adapting to the demands and preferences of consumers, who are looking for original, comfortable, durable and environmentally friendly products. For this reason, designers and manufacturers have to stay up to date with the latest trends and innovations that apply both aesthetically and functionally.

Some of the new developments that are setting the standard are:

  • The use of ecological materials , such as cork, organic cotton, hemp or recycled plastic, which reduce the environmental impact and provide added value to the products.
  • The incorporation of original shapes and decorations , such as buckles, studs, fringes or embroidery, which give personality and character to the designs.
  • The application of innovative techniques , such as 3D printing, laser cutting or thermoforming, which allow the creation of unique and personalized shapes and textures.

In order to work with these new materials, shapes and decorations, it is necessary to have adequate footwear machinery, which guarantees quality, precision and safety in the process of placing the rivets.

The characteristics of our machinery for placing rivets

At JOPEVI we are aware of the importance of having machinery for placing rivets adapted to the needs of the sector. For this reason, we have been manufacturing footwear machines with the most advanced technology for more than 40 years, which improve the quality, comfort, durability and sustainability of products.

Our rivet setting machines have the following characteristics:

  • They are easy to use.
  • They are versatile and adaptable , since they can work with different types and sizes of rivets, as well as with different materials and shapes.
  • They are fast and precise , since they carry out the riveting process in a few seconds and with a uniform distribution of force.
  • They are safe and efficient , since they have protection and control systems that prevent accidents.

In addition, our riveting machines have a modern and elegant design, which integrates perfectly into any work space.

Our company: services, customer service, experience... and much more, as well as machinery for placing rivets

JOPEVI not only offers you the best riveting machinery on the market, but also the best customer service. We are a company with a long history and experience in the footwear and leather goods sector, which is concerned with satisfying the needs and expectations of its customers.

These are some of the services we offer you:

  • Personalized advice : we help you choose the most suitable machine for your project, taking into account your objectives, budget and product characteristics.
  • Specialized training : we teach you how to correctly operate the machine, as well as how to perform the necessary preventive and corrective maintenance.
  • Technical support : we offer you effective and fast after-sales service, both in person and online. We have a team of qualified professionals and original spare parts to resolve any incident or question you may have.
  • International distribution : we have distributors all over the world, who are responsible for the sale, maintenance and repair of machines. We are present in countries such as France, Italy, Germany, United States, Poland, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Greece, Denmark, Portugal or Norway...

If you are looking for a quality riveting machine that allows you to work with the new materials, shapes and decorations that set the trends in footwear and leather goods design, JOPEVI is your best option. We will assist you with the greatest professionalism and closeness. You can call us at +34 966 651 008, send us an email to or visit us at our office at Calle Nicolas de Bussi, 32 (Elche Parque Empresarial) Elche – 03203 (Alicante) Spain.