Special occasion at Jopevi! Now you can buy this washer ring machine with the most premium features.

Special occasion at Jopevi! Now you can buy this washer ring machine with the most premium features.
16 Jan 2023

Do you want to increase the prestige of your business ? All you need is a Jopevi washer ring setting machine. Now you can choose our J-398 model to achieve more productivity and efficiency in your way of working. Only then will you be able to leave traditional methods behind and begin to trust the most disruptive machinery on the market.

Do you want to know everything about this professional machine to place rings with washers ?

  • This machine allows you to place rings on materials such as textiles, leather, cardboard, canvas and PVC .
  • It has two axes to carry out an individualized job that separates rings from washers.
  • It incorporates a washer detector so that no ring is left alone.
  • The rings are placed using a calibrated laser pointer.
  • In an hour you can have up to 2200 rings with washers ready.
  • Easy operation. Integrate indications.
  • Built-in footswitch.

Each of our machines goes through a complex quality certification process. We ourselves make sure to offer the highest performance in materials and designs . For this reason everything is supervised by a team of engineers, creatives and designers.

Buy a machine to put rings with a washer that works with a motor and automatically!

The machine to put rings with a washer in our catalog is ideal if you want to speed up the work . An operator will never have the performance that our automatic motorized machines achieve. In fact, using them shortens the preparation time considerably. Just by pressing a button it is possible to unite the ring with the washer. This allows you to perform two actions in one .

A machine that places rings with washers manually is a slower process. For this reason we have automated tasks that streamline repetitive steps. This way you can spend more time on other activities related to your business . And the work of placing rings with a washer will be reduced to the background due to the ease and speed with which it is carried out.

If you buy your washer ring-setting machine now, it will arrive in just five business days

Do you want to have a machine to put rings with washer? For more than 50 years we have strived to offer a quality service. Clients from all over the world have highlighted our commitment and dedication . For this reason we will know how to give you the best possible attention so that you have one of our models in your own business. Keep in mind that in a few business days the order will arrive at the proposed address.

Our presence is so important that we have become exporters of washer ring-setting machines in France, Italy, the United States, the United Kingdom, Poland, Australia and dozens of countries around the world.

  • Send us an email with any questions you have: info@jopevi.es
  • Call us in Spain: 966 65 10 08
  • If you want to pay us a physical visit, we are at Calle Nicolás de Bussi, 32, 03203 Elche Parque Industrial, Alicante, Spain