​Introducing the most professional brooch attaching machine in Spain!

Machine for attaching brooches
1 Dec 2022

Are you still using old and inefficient methods to put on brooches? At Jopevi we present you with a catalogue where you can find the best machine to place brooches in a professional way. In fact, our technology has a performance of 3600 strokes per hour. This means an abysmal increase in work efficiency.

From our headquarters in Elche we design and manufacture the machines. For this we use the most sophisticated industrial elements on the market. Also, the technology they incorporate provides greater security. Do you want to know what else they can offer you?

  • The machines for fasteners can be used on materials such as PVC, canvas, footwear, plastic, cardboard, textiles, etc.
  • It can operate in two simple movements, bringing the fastener closer and then riveting it.
  • The machine is equipped with a laser pointer that allows precise positioning of the fasteners.
  • It has a selector to detect fasteners and not to place the fastener without its corresponding male or female.
  • It is simple to use, so that any operator can understand how to operate it in a matter of minutes.
  • It has a system that avoids wrinkles in the materials.

Did you know that we currently distribute our machinery internationally? We have loyal customers from France, Italy, Poland, the United States, Germany, Norway... And the fact is that Jopevi's machines for brooches have the most premium features. This is a consequence of the dedication, research and development we have carried out over the years.

Why is a professional snap machine essential if you want to grow your business?

A snap machine is what you need in your business right now. You may not know it, but it will increase productivity, efficiency and sales. Because no person, no matter how experienced they are in this function, can match our machines.

One worker can make dozens of brooches an hour, but our technology makes thousands in the same amount of time. In the same way, the operator will develop less physical fatigue, being more fruitful in the other tasks. You won't need to increase your staff either, with our machines one individual can achieve the same result as several with traditional methods.

You will see the effects of purchasing a brooch machine within a week. We assure you that you will gain peace of mind by having the latest technology. In fact, you will position yourself above your competition without investing a lot of effort.

Want to take a look at our two premium pinning models? We recommend you take a look at the J-596 A and J-596 B.

At Jopevi we will offer you advice on the machine for attaching brooches from our catalogue

Did you know that Jopevi has been in the sector for more than 50 years? We are leaders in the province of Alicante. For this reason we are the best option to buy a machine to place brooches. Our staff is expert and will be able to tell you all the characteristics of our machinery.

If you want to have your machine to place brooches right now, you are in the right place:

  • Send us an email with any questions you may have: info@jopevi.es
  • Call us on the telephone number in Spain: 966 65 10 10 08
  • If you want to visit us physically, we are in Nicolás de Bussi street, 32, 03203 Elche Parque Industrial, Alicante, Spain