JOPEVI presents you the 6 best machines to set eyelets on awnings

JOPEVI presents you the 6 best machines to set eyelets on awnings
11 Nov 2022

At Jopevi we have the most advanced and modern machines for placing eyelets on awnings in the international textile, leather goods and footwear industry. In fact, we are very prominent distributors in Italy, Germany, France, the United States, Spain and many other countries.

Do you want to know our most prepared machinery? This will not only speed up the eyelet manufacturing processes in your articles, but it will also mean an increase in work efficiency in your company:

  • Automatic machine J-237 : Automatic motorized machine with a rail to place eyelets safely, resulting in excellent work in drilling awnings and placing eyelets between 8mm and 16mm.
  • J-25D pneumatic machine: This machine has a double head to put eyelets, performing a double function where one head pierces and the other rivetes the eyelets, without generating wrinkles and with maximum precision up to 40mm inside hole.
  • J-25 manual pneumatic machine : With a cart included for its transport, this machine allows manual drilling of materials such as textiles, cardboard or PVC, with guides to regulate the distance between eyelets and riveting in a single movement.
  • Automatic pneumatic machine J-269 : Automatic pneumatic machine with a double distribution that is used to put eyelets in awnings with up to 13mm inner hole.
  • Automatic machine J-600 : Automatic machine ideal for putting eyelets on awnings thanks to its technology that does not wrinkle the material and its ease of use.
  • Manual lever machine J-22 : If your work does not require much demand, this machine is ideal for you, allowing you to cut all kinds of materials and place eyelets with an internal hole of up to 18mm, doing the job in a single movement.

Our awning eyelet machines calibrate perfectly, are wrinkle-free, and pierce multiple materials!

With our machines to place eyelets in awnings you will not have to spend your valuable time worrying about making eyelets in your articles, because thanks to the advanced technology of our machinery, you will obtain an unbeatable result.

And it is that, the models of our machines for eyelets have a laser pointer that perfectly calibrates the articles and perforates the material (PVC, fabric, canvas, cardboard...), keeping the article correctly located, without generating wrinkles.

With the features of our automatic eyelet machines and manual eyelet machines you will always have extra security that you will appreciate, as well as the possibility of scaling your business by generating more items in less time and, therefore, considerably increasing efficiency.

A professional team will advise you on the machines to place eyelets on awnings

For more than 50 years, Jopevi has been taking shape, one of the most important distributors of machines for placing eyelets in awnings in Spain and Europe, locating our headquarters in Elche.

The professional team that we have will be able to help you completely , offering you professional advice on each machine and guiding you in the selection of your future machine to place eyelets.

Do you want to contact us and obtain machines to place eyelets on awnings?

  • You can contact us by email for any questions you may have:
  • If you want to pay us a physical visit, we are at Calle Nicolás de Bussi, 32, 03203 Elche Parque Industrial, Alicante, Spain