The eyeleting machine with washers that will avoid delivery delays and improve the quality of your products

Eyeleting machine with eyelets with washers
21 Sep 2022

Do you know the most complete machine for placing eyelets with washers on the market? We have it in JOPEVI. We are manufacturers of industrial machinery for footwear, textiles and graphic arts , satisfying the needs of each client. Our efforts to improve production systems and commitment to R&D have been key to highlighting our products in the market with very positive ratings.

We offer solutions in each of the finishing processes you can imagine, whether you work with buckles, hooks, rings, rivets, nails, eyelets or any piece, with or without a washer , or if you use metal or plastic eyelets. At JOPEVI we equip your workshop or factory with the machinery that best suits your business with very surprising results from the first week.

The finishing phase is the last part of the product and many times, the bottleneck of the production chain that does not let us move forward and delays us in many commitments with suppliers and customers . With the JOPEVI machines, you will avoid major problems and you will comply in form and delivery in your next orders.

All the finishing solutions in one place: get to know the most complete machine for placing eyelets with washers

Within this wide and exciting sector, we will focus on a special type of machine for placing eyelets with washers: automatic and pneumatic machines . As you may know, manual machines are heavier, stiffer and slower, and if optimization, performance and agility are what you are looking for, there are much more advanced options today.

The most suitable grommet setting machine according to your application:

  • For the textile industry, curtains, tarpaulins, awnings: model J – 21 Trolley
  • For the footwear and leather goods sector: model J – 600


This is a very versatile eyelet and grommet setting machine. Allows the application of eyelets on any material, without causing wrinkles . In addition, it is designed for the placement of plastic and metal eyelets . Without a doubt, a very powerful machinery that will get you out of a lot of trouble.


  • Height: 47cm
  • Width: 37cm
  • Depth: 42cm
  • Weight: 20 Kg (pedal included)


  • Working depth: 5 cm
  • Working pressure: 6 Bar
  • Performance: 900 strokes/hour
  • Consumption: 3 Liters/stroke

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In this case, this pneumatic washer eyelet machine, a little heavier than the previous one, is perfect for large productions . It allows the application of eyelets of different sizes and materials , as well as being a very comfortable option for the operator to perform better and get the job done on time.


  • Height: 146cm
  • Width: 121cm
  • Depth: 86cm
  • Weight: 216 Kg


  • Motor Power: 1 HP 220-380 V
  • 3.3A / 0.75KW
  • Performance: 500 pairs/hour

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Discover everything that this machine to place eyelets with washers can do with JOPEVI

A machine to place with washers of this caliber deserves to be in the most demanding factories. If you are an ambitious person and you are looking for the best performance, do not hesitate to contact our manufacturers of industrial machines in Elche:

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