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Be amazed at the professional work of our automatic bottom nailers

Be amazed at the professional work of our automatic bottom nailers
5 Aug 2022

At JOPEVI we listen carefully to the needs of our clients and transfer them to our expert creative team, in charge of designing the machines that facilitate your work in the manufacture of footwear and leather goods . If you are looking for automatic nailing machines, our J-450 model will surprise you.

This motor-driven automatic machine is designed with a rail for bottom nails , which are placed at the bottom of the bags:

  • As an ornament, giving an elegant touch to your design
  • To prevent the deterioration of the skin due to friction with other surfaces
  • To prevent the leather from getting wet or stained

The bottom nails, also known as legs due to their characteristic shape, can be of different sizes and can be placed on bags, suitcases, briefcases, sports bags, travel bags, etc., regardless of the material they are made of: leather , textile, cardboard, canvas, PVC …

Our automatic nailing machines, the necessary tool in your workshop

As soon as you use our J-450 model automatic nailing machines, you will understand that it is an essential tool for professionals dedicated to the manufacture of all types of bags and suitcases.

The lane change allows you to place different sizes of bottom nails. In addition, it has a large tank so you do not have to constantly replace the feeder.

Our machine is built with a convenient design that will speed up production. It has a special arm that will allow you to introduce any model of bag. Thanks to its laser pointer you will have no problem locating the nails. Among its main technical data we highlight a performance of 3600 strokes per hour and a 220V single-phase connection.

In addition to our automatic nailing machines, we have a varied catalog of machinery for footwear and leather goods

We invite you to take a look at our website and you will see that, in addition to our automatic nailing machines, we have a wide variety of machinery for awnings, curtains, footwear and leather goods. We have machines for plastic eyelets and machines for metal eyelets , as well as automatic and pneumatic machines to put:

  • Rivets for footwear and leather goods
  • eyelets
  • washer rivets
  • hooks
  • oval eyelets
  • rings
  • brooches
  • etc.

JOPEVI is a worldwide reference as a manufacturer of machinery for footwear and eyelet machines . We have distributors in France, Italy, Germany, Poland, United Kingdom, Greece, Portugal, Denmark, Norway, United States, Australia, New Zealand…

If you are interested in our automatic bottom nailing machines or in any other type of machinery, do not hesitate to ask us any questions you may have.

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