​Do you know why plastic eyelets are the most used in digital printing?

procurement of plastic grommets in digital printing
27 Jul 2022

Plastic eyelets are very common in graphic media finishing, but do you know what makes them so special and different from the rest? Nowadays, they are a great bet to improve the quality of the reinforcement and they are presented as a more ecological and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional and corrosive metals.

1. Plastic eyelets are free of heavy metals and do not require anti-corrosion treatment

This is perhaps the most remarkable feature. Plastic eyelets do not rust over time and do not deform. They are much more resistant and solid. On the other hand, metal eyelets have the great disadvantage of releasing rust, causing damage to the material and producing stains over time that negatively affect both the image and the reinforcement.

2. They are transparent to the eye

Plastic grommets can be transparent, which greatly enhances the clarity of the printed graphic. In banners and billboards the image is prioritised, so this type of grommet is the most ideal. As they are transparent, they do not distract attention, are discreet and allow a better image quality to be projected.

3. They have a UV filter for outdoor use

Banners, tarpaulins and vinyls that sleep outdoors are exposed to countless pathogens and atmospheric phenomena that can seriously damage the material of the eyelet and deteriorate them. This is precisely what is avoided with plastic grommets, which have an ultraviolet filter that protects them from the sun's rays and also allows them to withstand extreme temperatures.

4. Can be recycled

JOPEVI's transparent grommets are recyclable in PP or PE carriers, which makes them particularly suitable for this type of tarpaulin. Metal eyelets, on the other hand, need to be separated to be recycled, which takes more time and effort.

5. They are also suitable for food environments (according to EU and FDA regulations)

As you have already seen, plastic grommets are the most ideal for advertising, but also for supermarkets where PP and PE tarpaulins are commonly used.

If you are a digital printing supplier or a supermarket oriented advertising agency, at JOPEVI you will find the most resistant and ecological plastic grommets

Plastic eyelets are a must in digital print shops and advertising agencies, so it is better to be well stocked with this type of eyelets and, if possible, with the ones that offer the best guarantee. At JOPEVI, for example, we manufacture resistant, transparent and recyclable plastic eyelets, suitable for both advertising and food chains.

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