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18 Jul 2022

JOPEVI riveting machines are one of the best solutions for joining different materials together. There are many types of rivets, in different materials and shapes, but they all fit our machines. They are suitable for riveting jeans, leather goods, shoes, curtains and tarpaulins, as well as in the military industry.

Versatility is one of the most valued features of JOPEVI machines. They are specially designed to make it easier to rivet any material: cardboard, textile, plastic, PVC... This allows greater flexibility and recreation in the finish, being able to create different aesthetic finishes with the same machine. You will not need to purchase a specific type of machine for each fabric for fear that it will generate wrinkles. JOPEVI's automatic machines, apart from being the fastest and fastest, do not cause wrinkles in the material and preserve its condition perfectly.

If you are wondering which machine is best for workshops and factories, there is no doubt about it. JOPEVI machines are a guarantee. We don't say so, but hundreds and hundreds of customers who have trusted us for more than 20 years. Because of our long experience, close attention, quality or our innovation; there are many reasons to choose JOPEVI as a manufacturer of industrial machinery.

Take a look at these riveting machines

Are you looking for riveting machines that are a bit different from the traditional ones? JOPEVI's automatic machines incorporate intelligent functions that help the operator to obtain a top quality product in the shortest possible time, such as the laser pointer option, to position the rivets, or the rivet detector selector.

Here are some examples of the most successful automatic machines due to their excellent features and results.

Automatic motor-driven machine with two distributors for placing male + female rivets


Height: 141 cm | Width: 90 cm | Depth: 70 cm | Weight: 134 Kg.


Motor power: 1 HP 220-380 V | 3,3 A / 0,75 KW | Output: 3600 blows/hour

Technical specifications: https://jopevi.es/en/catalogue...

Automatic motor-driven machine with one rail for riveting


Height: 141 cm | Width: 90 cm | Depth: 64 cm | Weight: 118 Kg (pedal included).


Motor power: 1 HP 220-380 V | 3,3 A / 0,75 KW | 220V single-phase machine connection | Output: 3600 blows/hour

Technical sheet: https://jopevi.es/en/catalogue/120/automatic-machine-to-place-rivets-in-footwear-j-229/

Automatic machine to set male and female rivets


Height: 160 cm | Width: 80 cm | Depth: 80 cm | Weight: 174 Kg


Motor power: 1 HP 220-380 V | 3,3 A / 0,75KW | Machine connection 220V single-phase | Output: 3600 blows/hour

Technical sheet: https://jopevi.es/en/catalogue/137/automatic-rivet-setting-machine-for-footwear-j-440/

Ask us about our best machines for riveting machines

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