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​Features of the JOPEVI automatic pot setting machine

Automatic potting machine for pots
5 Jul 2022

Do you know what it's like to work with an automatic potting machine like JOPEVI's? Today we invite you to discover the great potential of this type of machinery and how it can improve the productivity, performance and optimisation of many workshops dedicated to the art of finishing.

Pay attention because we are going to tell you about the most important features of JOPEVI's automatic potting machines and everything that differentiates them from the rest of the market. You will be especially surprised by the latest technology incorporated and its speed in the finishing work, maintaining high quality standards that are difficult to achieve. Undoubtedly, a machine that anyone who moves in this world would like to have in their hands. That is why, today we would like to share with you some of the secrets of this latest generation machinery and all that it is capable of doing.

  • They are versatile machines, that is to say, they can be applied to any type of material and they do not generate wrinkles, so you will save time and money looking for a machine for each fabric.
  • They are very fast, with a pedal included that allows you to go faster and leave one hand free to focus your attention on the correct handling of the material and the placement of the eyelet.
  • It has a laser pointer option to place the eyelets in the right place, reducing the probability of error.
  • Stainless steel tray with guides to regulate the distance between eyelets.

All these features only confirm the great precision, the speed and the amazing quality. It is possibly the perfect machine for setting eyelets in large productions.

An eyelet setting machine at a higher level

JOPEVI's automatic eyelet setting machines have achieved higher quality standards in all aspects:

  • The operator works more comfortably and therefore performs much better, with a fast and agile automatic machine that makes his work much easier and helps him to complete the finish in the shortest possible time, without bottlenecks or delays in the production line.
  • The finish achieved is of exceptional quality. This is mainly due to the advanced functions incorporated in JOPEVI automatic eyeleting machines. For example, it allows eyelets to be pierced and riveted in a single movement with two independent axes, it has a laser pointer to position the eyelets in the right place, and it does not crease or damage the material in any way. This means that you can set eyelets in any type of material. 
  • As one of the fastest machines on the market, you will be able to finish every job in a timely manner, offering a high quality service to your suppliers, who will not hesitate to come back and place future orders. By providing you with the latest machinery, you will gain the trust of your suppliers and the respect of professionals in the sector.

Do you want to know more about these automatic machines for pots?

If you are interested in this type of automatic machines for pots, you only have to contact the manufacturer and distributor. Yes, in JOPEVI we manufacture and distribute all over the world the best industrial machines, mainly for the footwear, textile, fashion, leather goods, curtains and graphic arts sectors.

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