Tools and accessories for fitting plastic grommets: the most recommended ones

automatic plastic potting machine
3 Jun 2022

If you are looking for tools and machinery to place plastic eyelets with sufficient power and technology, that can get the production in time and form, trust in the work and designs of JOPEVI's industrial machines. You will not fail.

Thanks to the innovative machines developed and distributed by JOPEVI, today we can say that the factories have more facilities to go faster in their processes and finish the production with the highest possible quality. Speed and quality is precisely what you will achieve by using machinery of JOPEVI's characteristics.

The choice of one type of machinery or another depends, above all, on the volume of work and the objectives to be achieved. Manual, automatic or pneumatic... If you are not sure which one to choose, pay attention to these machine models. They are the most recommendable for placing plastic eyelets:

Automatic Motor Machine. J-239

You will be surprised to discover the functionalities and technology of this super machine for setting eyelets with washers. It is considered the fastest and most complete machine on the market. If you have a large volume of work and you want to meet deadlines, this is the machine you are looking for, without a doubt.

The benefits of using it are:

  • Speed in finishing work on curtains, awnings, banners, footwear, leather goods...
  • Quality in the perforation of the material and rivet.
  • Convenience: with stainless steel tray and double distribution to place eyelets and large capacity washers.
  • Versatility: machine suitable for all types of materials, capable of punching and riveting at the same time.
  • Precision and technology: laser pointer to place the eyelets in the right place and washer detector selector so that no eyelet is left without its respective washer.

Do you know of a more complete and faster machine than this one? Check out all its features:

Pneumatic Machine with Trolley. J-21

A pneumatic tool is also a great choice for finishing work. Pneumatic machines are powered by air compressors.

  • Suitable for both plastic and metal eyelets.
  • With trolley for moving the machine on the floor.
  • Can insert grommets and washers up to 18 mm inner bore.
  • Suitable for all materials without wrinkles.
  • Stainless steel tray and guides for regulating the distance between the eyelets.
  • Foot or push button operated.
  • Laser pointer.

See all its features:

Manual Lever Machine with Trolley. J-22

The manual machines satisfy the needs of small productions, offering comfort and versatility to the operator. This model allows you to...

  • Place metal and plastic eyelets
  • Move the machine with trolley
  • Operate the machine manually by lever
  • Punch the material and rivet the eyelets in the same movement with two independent axes
  • Set eyelets and washers up to 18 mm inner hole by changing dies

See all its features:

Not sure which potting machine to choose? Ask us your question

If you have any doubts and you want to be better informed about the latest industrial machines on the market, do not hesitate to contact JOPEVI. We manufacture and distribute automatic, pneumatic and manual machines, not without first advising you and making sure that it is the right machine for your needs.

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