Do you have any doubts about the automatic potting machine you need? Discover the advantages of JOPEVI's potting machines

Do you have any doubts about the automatic potting machine you need? Discover the advantages of JOPEVI's potting machines
20 Apr 2022

The advantage of the automatic eyelet machine is that it drills and inserts the eyelet at the same time. At JOPEVI we manufacture the fastest and most precise potting machinery on the market . It has a precision laser pointer to locate the eyelets and a powerful motor with which it hits 3,600 times per hour . In addition, it has a special system that prevents the material where the eyelets are placed from wrinkling.

Our automatic potting machine is suitable for a wide variety of materials , among which we highlight: leather, all types of textiles, PVC, canvas, cardboard, etc. In addition, its rail change allows you to place eyelets of different diameters . It also has a stainless steel tray with guides, which is optional, and which is used to regulate the distance between the eyelets . It is a machine for industrial use that is already mounted on a piece of furniture . You will only have to place it in the place you prefer in your workshop.

Our automatic eyelet machine is perfect for large productions since, in addition to being very fast, it has a large-capacity eyelet feeder that avoids stopping work relatively frequently to recharge the tank. You will be surprised by the speed and quality of the work carried out by our automatic eyelet machine model J-237 .

In addition to our automatic machine to put eyelets, what other type of machinery does JOPEVI offer you?

In addition to our automatic eyelet setting machine, at JOPEVI we have a wide variety of machinery that you can browse in the catalog on our website. We have:

  • machines for eyelets in footwear and leather goods
  • machines to put eyelets on curtains, tarpaulins, awnings...
  • eyeletting machines
  • shoe machines
  • rivet setting machines
  • etc.

Our eyelet machines can be automatic, motorized automatic, pneumatic automatic and manual. You will have to choose the most appropriate depending on the volume of work you have in your company. Do not forget that, with greater automation, more job security and a lower percentage of accidents, since the operators have less physical wear.

Trust in the long experience of JOPEVI to buy your automatic machine to put eyelets

The best guarantee to buy a good automatic eyelet machine is to trust a manufacturer with extensive experience . At JOPEVI we have been manufacturing machinery for the footwear and leather goods industry since 1969.

Currently we combine our great experience with the latest technology to offer our customers the best automatic eyelet machine on the market. That is why our machines are in demand internationally , with distributors all over the world: Germany, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Poland, Greece, Denmark, Portugal, Norway… as well as in countries on other continents: United States, Australia, New Zeeland etc

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