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How is a manual machine for fitting appliqués on footwear with the characteristics of JOPEVI?

How is a manual machine for fitting appliqués on footwear with the characteristics of JOPEVI?
1 Apr 2022

If a manual machine for placing appliqués on footwear is characterized by something, it is for its robustness and firmness, in addition to its easy use and transportability , being able to move it to any point in the workshop where the finishing work needs to be carried out. They are machines recommended for small productions , some more suitable than others depending on the materials with which they work, since some models can generate wrinkles or do not offer the expected quality of reinforcement.

Precisely, you will not have these problems with a potting machine with the characteristics of JOPEVI, since they stand out for their versatility and excellent quality in the finish . They have the ability to place plastic and metal eyelets and washers of different shapes and sizes, as well as in all kinds of materials: textile, cardboard, canvas, PVC, etc. They are ALL in ONE machines , one of the most complete on the market, where, unlike others, wrinkles are never a problem.

Before choosing a specific type of machine, take a good look at its technical specifications. If you have any questions, you can always ask for the advice of an expert manufacturer of industrial machines such as JOPEVI. If what you are looking for is to improve your productivity and finish your product with a high level of quality, you can save yourself the search for the ideal manual pressure cooker, because in this post we reveal one of the star models that never fails.

You are interested in this Manual Machine to place appliqués on footwear: the reasons here

Among all the machines that you can find on the market, this manual machine to apply appliqués on footwear ( Model J-22 Carro ) will resonate in your head as one of the most interesting options. We tell you why.

  • It is little cumbersome . If you have space problems, it is perfect. Its dimensions are the most suitable:

Height: 72cm

Width: 8cm

Depth: 30cm

  • You can place plastic and metal eyelets and washers of different shapes and dimensions

Plastic eyelets and washers with 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 16mm inner hole

Metal eyelets and washers up to 17 mm inner hole

  • Drills and rivets eyelets in the same movement and in all types of materials :

Textile, leather, cardboard, canvas, PVC, etc.

  • Manual lever operated
  • It is light and very comfortable to work on a table or move it to any part of the workshop on wheels or even to travel with it to fairs or other facilities.

Weight: 12kg

  • DOES NOT wrinkle the material
  • Quality in the reinforcement of the piece

Improve the productivity of your workshop by choosing this manual Machine to place appliqués on footwear

Discover everything that this Manual Machine for Placing Appliques on Shoes can do for your business: productivity, performance, quality... Contact us and we will tell you all the secrets of our star machine J-22 with trolley .

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