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Snap fasteners, a must-have for leather goods

snap fasteners machines
15 Mar 2022

What makes wallets and handbags a secure item? The reinforcement of their fastening. This is achieved by means of snap fasteners. But not just any machine will do. If you want to guarantee the highest quality for such personal and private products, we have the perfect machine for you.

Most consumers, when they walk into a shop looking for this type of product, the first thing they look at is the fastener. They test it over and over again to make sure that no one can easily steal from them and there is no chance of them dropping their coins or anything else inside. If you want to convey that security to consumers by offering a high quality finish, these are two of the most recommended metal snap fasteners on the market. We tell you a little more about them.


Fast machine for attaching snaps to all kinds of materials you can imagine: from footwear and PVC to cardboard or textile. Its versatility is one of its strong points. You will save money and a lot of headaches, as with the same machine you will be able to work with several materials and not have to buy one for each type of texture. In addition, another advantage is that it does not crease the fabric, which will help you to offer a higher quality product.  This machine focuses on the upper part: Calotte + Female.

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This machine has the same features as the previous one: suitable for all types of materials, it has two feeders, a laser pointer to place the clasps in the right place, as well as a selector so that the pin is next to its corresponding male, without overlooking any detail. The difference is that this automatic machine is focused on the bottom: Pin + Tap.

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Get a secure reinforcement on your items with our snap fastener machines

Our snap fastener machines are usually used to reinforce the security of leather goods and footwear products, but they can also be used in other sectors such as textiles, as our machines are capable of perforating various materials: leather, cardboard, PVC, plastic, fabrics, etc...

So, with our machines you can place snap fasteners on:

  • Handbags, purses and leather goods
  • Glasses cases
  • Cases
  • Garments such as shirts, jeans, denim jackets, coats, etc.
  • Shoes
  • Etc.

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If you are interested in our snap fastener machines, don't hesitate to ask for them. We can show you together how they work, how to get them to you (we are distributors all over the world), as well as many other features and technical specifications that will be very useful for you to know in order to make the right choice.

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