How do our riveting machines work and how do they differ from the rest?

riveting machines
7 Mar 2022

What is special about the riveting machines we manufacture and distribute at JOPEVI? The technology, the convenience of their functions and some other details make them stand out from the market, presenting themselves as one of the machines with the greatest potential to improve production and continue to grow in the sector.

If you are thinking of renewing your machinery to increase your production rate while maintaining high quality levels, or if you are looking for fast and efficient solutions for setting eyelets and rivets, you should get JOPEVI machinery: they are fast (in fact, the fastest on the market), versatile and do not damage the material. They are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, with systematic and productive processes that relieve the operator of all the burden, achieving finished products in a timely manner, thus meeting the objectives established with the supplier or customer.

Our commitment to technology is the main secret of the success of our machinery. But how do they really work, and what role does the operator play? Pay close attention, because you may be looking at the riveting machinery you have been looking for all this time. When you see the ease and comfort with which this type of machinery rivets and approaches the rivet, it will be clear to you: I want it!

Explore all the actions of our riveting machines

The operation of our riveting machines is very simple. You just need to know a few important aspects about how to operate them, but once you master them, it will be a piece of cake. These are some of the actions you can perform with a riveting machine like the one from JOPEVI:

  • Place the rivet in the right place by means of a laser point and then rivet it
  • Place different types of rivets, with different shapes and sizes, by changing the rail
  • Rivets with or without washers in all types of materials: shoes, plastic, textile, cardboard, canvas, PVC, etc.
  • Detects when a rivet has been set without its respective washer (washer detector selector)

In this scenario, the operator is relegated to the background, allowing him to focus his efforts on the proper operation of the machinery, totally simple, and improving quality levels until then. The machines we manufacture at JOPEVI cover all the needs of the finishing departments, whether it is for perforating an advertising canvas, riveting a leather article or putting hooks on a curtain.

Do you want to see our models of riveting machines? We will advise you on your choice

Tell us what your needs are, what you expect to achieve or what items you usually work with so that we can advise you on the best riveting machines. Surely, if you work with several fabrics, you don't want the material to wrinkle. We can advise you so that this does not happen and you can enjoy the machinery that will help you to obtain the desired results.

We have automatic, pneumatic and manual eyelet and riveting machines, with or without washer, with male + female rivet, with wheels or trolley to move it easily and with a technology that will surprise you. Ask your questions here:

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