Washerless hook setting machines for finishing to a very high standard

Washerless hook setting machines for finishing to a very high standard
12 Jan 2022

Looking for faster washerless hook setting machines to get you on time? Today we come to talk to you about our model J – 380, an automatic motor-driven machine for placing hooks with which you can improve the performance and production of workshops . Delivering an impeccable product to customers in the shortest possible time is one of the biggest challenges in the sector: Renew or die.

The finishing phase is one of the slowest and most expensive stages, generating waiting times and delays in the rest of the production line. That's why this fast machine will appeal to you, especially for peak production times . After studying the different needs of the market, we consider that this type of machinery is the most suitable due to its optimization, speed and great capacity .

At JOPEVI we believe that you deserve the best and this machine is undoubtedly one of the most beneficial for the industry. Below, we show you some of the main characteristics of this powerful machinery:

  • The hooks can be drilled in any type of material , be it leather, fabric, cardboard, canvas, PVC...
  • A large capacity hook feeder
  • Hooks of different sizes can be placed (by changing the rail)
  • Laser pointer to center the hook in the indicated place


  • Height: 135cm
  • Width: 90cm
  • Depth: 65cm
  • Weight: 125 Kg


  • Motor Power: 1 HP 220-380 V
  • 3.3A / 0.75KW
  • Performance: 3200 Blows/hour

Specialists and distributors of washerless hook fitting machines

Did you know machines to place hooks without washer of such characteristics? If you have doubts in your choice of machinery, at JOPEVI we advise you without obligation. Since we started in the sector in 1969 as a shoe machinery repair shop, we have not stopped learning and growing in this exciting world.

At JOPEVI you will get an expert view of the different types of machines , the ones that best suit you based on your interests and the ones that perhaps best fit your budget and business situation. In any case, you can count on our manufacturers and specialists in industrial machinery for footwear, textiles and graphic arts . In addition, we can deliver the machines to any corner of the world where your factories are located, since we also offer an excellent distribution service in all countries: Germany, Portugal, France, the United Kingdom, Poland, Australia, the United States, etc.

Are these the washerless hook setting machines you need? Come check it out at JOPEVI

In order to achieve a quality finish, it is essential to invest in technology such as the one we offer at JOPEVI: machines for placing hooks without a washer (or with a washer) that are automatic, fast and the most suitable for dealing with large production volumes .

If our J-380 model has been of special interest to you, do not hesitate to request more information. We will be happy to detail its operation, technical specifications and everything you need to know. To contact us, choose the communication channel that is most comfortable for you:

  • Telephone: +34 966 651 008
  • Email: info@jopevi.es
  • Office: Calle Nicolás de Bussi, 32, 03203 Elche Industrial Park, Alicante