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Ring setting machines
21 Dec 2021

Which ring binder machines are best? Automatic machines? Pneumatic machines? Or perhaps manual machines? Each company has its own specific objectives and needs, so first it is advisable to analyse and study each situation. An important aspect that can serve as a guide to know what type of machinery to choose is to ask yourself if you need a machine for small or large productions.

In any case, an investment of this kind always requires the advice of a serious company with solid experience such as JOPEVI, specialists in the manufacture and supply of optimised machines for curtains, awnings and banners. The rings are a fundamental part of the curtains and graphic supports. They must be correctly positioned and fastened so that the material is not damaged and the customer is satisfied with the quality and perfect condition of the product. 

A bad positioning of the ring without its respective washer directly affects the aesthetics, but also the incorrect functioning of the curtain or fabric. In this world of speed and the rush to meet deadlines, many operators have to go one gear further with inadequate technology, neglecting aspects such as precision. JOPEVI offers technical solutions to improve the most common errors in finishing departments.

Recommended models of machines for fitting rings with washers

At JOPEVI we have the fastest and most professional ring banding machines on the market, with which you can maintain a high level of production without damaging the quality of the product, improving the performance of companies and always taking care of every smallest detail. The margins of error in high-tech automatic machinery such as those we offer at JOPEVI are much lower than those of rudimentary machines.

Below, we recommend a machine of each type, with manual machines being more suitable for small productions, pneumatic machines for clean, safe and powerful work, and automatic machines for large productions.

  • Manual machine for setting eyelets and washers: J - 22 with carriage.

  • Pneumatic eyelet and washer setting machine: J - 21.

  • Automatic eyelet and washer setting machine: J - 239.

Do you want to invest in these machines to set eyelets on fast moving curtains?

If you are interested in more information about JOPEVI's eyelet setting machines, please contact our experts. We have been providing technical solutions for the footwear, textile and graphic arts industries for over forty years.

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