Say goodbye to delivery delays with our eyelet setters for leather goods

Eyelet setting machines for leather goods
30 Nov 2021

Tired of producing a large volume of items and not meeting supplier commitments? At JOPEVI we have the most productive models of eyelet machines for leather goods, footwear and textiles that put an end to one of the biggest worries of all times.

The finishing phase is usually the bottleneck of companies, where most delays occur and slow down the smooth running of the production chain. This is mainly due to the fact that rudimentary techniques and traditional manual machinery are still being used, which are not capable of keeping up with the level of demand required. At JOPEVI we have always been aware of this problem and have therefore been adapting to existing technologies in order to offer fast, specific and, above all, profitable solutions. And we continue in this fight.

Nowadays, at the height of new technologies in the industry, JOPEVI offers the best technology in eyeleting machines to put an end to the tedious manual tasks that cause us so many headaches and give way to a new stage of progress with faster, more automated and safer executions.

The secrets of our eyelet setters for leather goods: automatic and all-in-one systems

Today, technology is a must for all sectors, but even more so for the textile, leather and footwear industries. With the development and commercialisation of eyelet setting machines for Leather, Textile and Footwear, JOPEVI has become one of the suppliers of industrial equipment and machinery that has carried out the most research and advances on how to improve the environment of the finishing departments.

  • Automatic systems in the finishing stage

Automatic eyelet setting machines improve productivity and operator performance. This is the easiest way to attach eyelets and hooks to leather goods without creasing. A machine that lasts today and will last well into the future.

  • All in One

With the same machine you can bring the trim or appliqué (hook, clasps, rings, eyelets, eyelets, eyelets, etc.), rivet it and place it in specific points. A very complete machine.

After years of experience and exhaustive research work, at JOPEVI we have extensive knowledge of the sector and have been able to reinvent ourselves, producing and supplying machines that are ideal for producing large quantities and scaling up a business.

Would you like us to advise you on the most suitable eyelet setting machines for leather goods for your business?

Our leather goods eyelet machines may very well be what you need to thrive in your business. We make it our priority to provide a solution for every customer with a humane treatment and an adequate budget.

Talk to our specialists about your specific needs and get hold of the most suitable industrial machinery for your production levels.

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