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Manual, Automatic or Pneumatic: the most recommended models of eyeleting machines for eyelets with washers

Eyeleting machines with washers
12 Nov 2021

Do you know all the types of machines to place eyelets with washers out there? Discover in this post the most convenient models according to production levels and requirements : manual machines for a small volume; pneumatic machines for fast and safe work; and automatic machines for a high volume. Let's see them in more detail:

  • Manual sniffing machines

They are designed for small productions , such as a small business. They are easy to transport due to their dimensions and light weight. They allow the machine to be moved anywhere in the factory, on a work table or on the floor with the portable cart .

Discover here some of the most outstanding manual machines to put eyelets on the market:

Model J - 22. Lever-operated machine for metal and plastic eyelets + washers . DO NOT WRINKLE MATERIAL.

Model J - 37. Manual self-piercing lever machine to put plastic eyelets + washers . It is not recommended for textile materials because it can cause wrinkles.

  • Pneumatic machines

What are pneumatic machines and how do they work? They are those that use compressed air for their mechanism. This technology significantly simplifies the work of the industry , as well as being a clean and inexhaustible source of energy . It allows fast, precise and highly complex movements, reducing time and ensuring an excellent finish.

There are different models and brands , but if you are looking for power, quality and performance, these are the most recommended:

Model J - 21. Pneumatic machine to put eyelets with washers by hand. Pedal-operated . DOES NOT CAUSE WRINKLES.

Model J - 21 with trolley. Pneumatic machine to put eyelets + washers with included trolley to move the machine on the ground. Pedal or push-button operated. DO NOT WRINKLE THE MATERIAL.

Model J - 25. Manual pneumatic machine to put all kinds of eyelets with washers , including TIR oval eyelets .

  • Automatic machines

They are designed for large volumes: a high and demanding production rate . They are a great choice for the application of eyelets and eyelets in shoes, textiles or canvas. Here are some recommendations:

Model J - 239 Plastic. Automatic machine to put eyelets with washers in Curtains . One of the fastest and most complete on the market.

Model J - 600. Automatic machine to put eyelets with washer in Footwear and Leather Goods .

At JOPEVI we provide all the types of machines to place eyelets with washers that you need

Do you want us to advise you on the best machines to place eyelets with washers according to your work situation? We have a wide range of machinery for the textile, footwear and graphic arts industry (curtains, PVC canvas, cloth vinyl, etc.).

Our experts will be happy to provide you with information on specifications, features, or budget. We are at your entire disposal:

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