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What are the best machines for attaching metal ornaments to shoes and leather goods? We tell you

Machines for attaching metal ornaments
4 Nov 2021

Do not you know which machines to place metal ornaments to decide? In this post we tell you which one is the best for you based on the current situation of the company, the volume of production and the objectives to be achieved.

It is important to consider when the factory or finishing department is located. If you are a small company and you receive orders in small quantities, a robust riveter will suffice to place metal grommets, although it is not the most recommended with today's technology. On the other hand, if the production volume is high and you want your business to prosper with suppliers and customers satisfied with delivery times and the highest quality of finishes, the best choice is high-performance technological machines like the ones we manufacture and design in JOPEVI .

What can JOPEVI machinery contribute to your benefit?

  • Speed in the placement of the trimmings and, therefore, greater optimization of time , one of the great enemies in workshops and industry.
  • Better performance and productivity by requiring less physical effort on the part of the operators.
  • Less margin for error , as precise and exact mechanisms are used, such as laser pointers or washer detectors.
  • High quality finishes , without causing wrinkles in the material or damage, which will bring a good image for the company.

These machines for placing metal ornaments might interest you

The ornament is the last detail that gives meaning to the final product. At JOPEVI we offer a wide range of machines to place metal ornaments, such as rings, tacks, rivets, brooches, eyelets, eyelets, buckles ... and many other much-needed trimmings.

Next, we show you several examples of automatic machines to put metallic decorations on footwear, leather and leather goods . You will be surprised by its versatility, power and easy handling.

  • Automatic motorized machine for setting rivets with washers or cups

  • Automatic motorized machine with a rail for putting metal eyelets

  • Automatic motorized hooking machine

  • Automatic machine for putting rings with washers

  • Automatic bottom nail machine

Enter the JOPEVI shoe and leather goods ollating machines catalog and you will see detailed information on each model.

If you have questions about our machines for placing metal ornaments, contact us

Are you interested in our machines for placing metal ornaments? Maybe you are looking for a machinery for plastic ornaments too. At JOPEVI we have multiple technical solutions for finishing . Do not be left behind and evolve to electrical, automatic and advanced processes.

Tell us what specific machinery you are looking for and we will take care of the rest . We distribute our sniffing machines all over the world, so distance is not a problem. Contact us now at + 34 966 651 008 or and we will inform you of all the specifications.

If you are passing through the province, you can visit us at Calle Nicolás de Bussi, 32, 03203 Elche Parque Industrial, Alicante.