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Benefits of using snap fastening machines

Snap fasteners
28 Oct 2021

Are you still using riveting presses, pliers or crowbars to set snaps? These are times of change, technology and evolution. If you want to be a reference in the footwear, textile and clothing sector, this is not the way. You should know the benefits of JOPEVI snap fasteners:

1. Reduces noise 

As they are fully automatic machines, noise is considerably reduced and allows operators to work in a much more favourable climate. This will result in better performance. It is important to listen to your workers and take care of them, because the result and the success of the final product will depend on them.

2. Comfort

Tireless manual techniques are replaced by electronic processes, which are simpler and require less physical effort. This type of machine makes it possible to bring the clasp closer and then rivet it in a single movement. In addition, it has a laser pointer to position the fasteners in the right place.

3. Speed in the reinforcement of the parts 

If we calculate the amount of snaps that can be set with an automatic machine compared to doing it manually, you will see a clear difference. The main characteristic of these machines is the speed with which the pieces are adjusted and reinforced respecting the quality of the fabric.

4.  Higher quality finishes

JOPEVI's automatic snap fastener machines are equipped with functionalities that facilitate error-free fitting. For example, it has two independent feeders for the snaps, a selector to avoid placing the male snap without its corresponding female one, as well as a laser pointer to place the snaps in the desired place. It will make a better image to deliver orders without mistakes, with all the male and female pins in place and without damaging the material.

Discover the multi-purpose function of the JOPEVI snap fastener machines

What can you use JOPEVI snap fasteners for? One of its greatest strengths is its versatility, i.e. you can use the same machine to apply snaps to shoes, plastic, textile, cardboard, canvas, PVC or any other fabric without wrinkling.

At this time of the year, it is common to use the fasteners for coats and jackets. But it is also common for other garments such as shirts, bodysuits, nappies, cloth bibs, towels... as well as for accessories, handicrafts and household items. Our experience of more than 40 years in the sector has allowed us to know first hand the most common problems in embroidery and garment workshops. Today, we are proud to offer technological solutions to the footwear, leather goods, textile and graphic arts industries.

Do you need more information about our snap fastening machines?

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