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Solutions for a quality finish in Digital Printing: Eyelets and Machines ideal for banners, tarpaulins and vinyls

Solutions for a quality finish in Digital Printing: Eyelets and Machines ideal for banners, tarpaulins and vinyls
29 Sep 2021

Do you want to find the ideal type of eyelet and machinery for digital printing finishes ? At JOPEVI we recommend the best options that you can currently find on the market. If you want to have control over the reinforcement and adjustment of the eyelets , take note of these recommendations.

Perhaps now you are in that moment of change, in which you need to assess other ways of working to optimize the work of the workshop and be able to respond with greater responsibility to the growing number of orders. At JOPEVI we offer advanced solutions to finishing departments . In the same way that graphics companies are able to produce quality 3D prints at high speed, graphic media finishing shops have also experienced extraordinary advances in placing eyelets in large production runs with speed and precision .

Discover with JOPEVI the most important developments in the graphic arts industry and how to apply them correctly in workshops.

The technology that will drive graphic support finishing workshops: Transparent Plastic Ollaos + Optimized machinery

After the design and printing work, the finishing departments take over in order to put the finishing touch on the product: drilling, riveting and adjusting the eyelets in the right place. If you want to get a quality digital print finish, just make the right decisions:

  • What type of eyelets is the most suitable for digital printing?

The transparent plastic eyelets are causing a great impact in the world of advertising since they allow to reinforce the visual image of the graphic and not get lost in the details. JOPEVI plastic eyelets are the best choice:

- They are discreet (almost invisible)

- They do not rust

- Can be recycled

- They are protected from UV Light

- Resists outside temperatures

  • Which machines are better for digital printing?

At JOPEVI you will find an excellent catalog of machines for placing transparent plastic eyelets , as well as metal ones, on advertising banners, vinyls, PVC tarpaulins, awnings and all kinds of graphic supports . It is worth highlighting the J-237 Plastic Automatic Motorized Machine , one of the fastest and most compact for placing eyelets on canvases:

- Suitable for all kinds of material : textile, cardboard, PVC, leather ... Does not cause wrinkles

- Equipped with a large capacity eyelet feeder

- Places between 8mm and 16mm of inner hole

- Guides to regulate the distance between eyelet and eyelet

- Laser pointer to position the eyelets with greater precision

- Stainless steel tray option if you want to work in a fixed position

Discover all the models of advanced machines for placing eyelets in the JOPEVI web catalog:

Are you interested in investing in the latest graphic finishing technology? Contact JOPEVI

At JOPEVI we work to solve the industrial problems of graphic arts through the production of recommended eyelets , as well as the design and distribution of machinery to place fast, powerful and high-performance eyelets .

Do not be afraid to bet on a more efficient, optimized and secure technology . You'll get great results: reduce wait times, improve operator productivity, meet deadlines, and keep customers happy with excellent finishing work.

If you are interested in knowing more about our machines and eyelets, you can call us at +34 966 651 008 or send us a message to . You can also visit us at Calle Nicolás de Bussi, 32, 03203 Elche Parque Industrial , Alicante.