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How to achieve a sturdy tarpaulin fastening: discover the most efficient methods

How to achieve a sturdy tarpaulin fastening: discover the most efficient methods
13 Sep 2021

Would you like to improve the canvas fastening system to generate more confidence in your customers? In this post we tell you how to achieve a resistant reinforcement in tarpaulins, curtains and advertising banners . Technology has evolved a lot in recent years and its rapid adaptation in finishing departments is becoming increasingly necessary, since they are the bottleneck of digital printing companies.

Finishing departments take over from digital printing companies with the responsibility of reinforcing the frame and ensuring the protection of the material . But the planned objectives are not always achieved. Success in obtaining a perfect finish resides mainly in these 4 factors:

  • The quality of the canvas material
  • The choice of the ollao
  • The application of the eyelet / eyelet
  • The machinery used for reinforcement

If you are concerned about not offering a quality product to the market, review these important aspects step by step and ask yourself a series of questions such as: Do I work with the appropriate machinery for my production levels? Is the type of eyelet chosen the one recommended for the material and the finish you want to achieve? How can I improve the reinforcement system to ensure greater strength? To know the answers, read on.

JOPEVI Machines and Ollaos, the right choice to increase the resistance of canvases

After digital printing jobs, we often forget the essentials: guarantee a resistant reinforcement and ensure the safety of the canvas material. The finishing process is just as important as the quality of the print or banner ad design. Without the right perimeter reinforcement and the correct application of the eyelet , all your printing and graphic design work could go to waste in no time.

Tearing is one of the most frequent problems as a consequence of an ineffective resistance of the eyelet, especially when the canvas sleeps outdoors and is exposed to adverse meteorological phenomena. To solve the problems of finishes , the JOPEVI company has contributed to the industry with the production of:

  • Anticorrosive plastic pots , protected from ultraviolet light, recyclable, resistant and with a discreet design (transparent) that allows you to see the printed graphic image with total clarity.
  • Automatic, pneumatic and manual machines to place eyelets and eyelets on canvas at higher speed, with high performance and suitable for all kinds of materials. You will find the fastest machines on the market here:

Find in JOPEVI the best solutions for finishing in digital printing

Improve the productivity of your factory with JOPEVI technology . We have a wide catalog of eyelet machines that might interest you. To find out more, you just have to contact us by phone or email: +34 966 651 008 | .

If you prefer that a member of our team attend you personally, you can visit us at Calle Nicolás de Bussi, 32, 03203 Elche Parque Industrial, Alicante.

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