Which types of eyelets are best for fabrics, tarpaulins and awnings

Which types of eyelets are best for fabrics, tarpaulins and awnings
16 Aug 2021

In the manufacture of canvases and textiles, several processes are involved that give shape and meaning to the final product. One of the steps that you cannot skip and that is essential to safeguard the resistance and quality of the material is the correct choice and subsequent placement of the eyelets and eyelets. If you have doubts about what type of ollao is better, we present you this small guide in which you will learn to ...

  • differentiate the types of eyelets that exist in the market
  • assess which is the most suitable for canvas, fabrics and textiles
  • raise awareness about the environment
  • know which manufacturer to trust

In the market you will find two types of eyelets well differentiated: on the one hand, metal eyelets , exposed to oxidation and corrosion problems , and on the other, plastic eyelets , the most recommended . These are the 3 main reasons why you should go for plastic eyelets without thinking about it:

1. They do not rust; they are resistant

Plastic eyelets are the most resistant to any external pathogen: rain, storms, humidity, winds, chemicals, etc. On the exterior canvases where metal eyelets are used, it is common to see rust stains and irreparable damage. In these cases, antioxidant metals can also be used, but they are much more expensive. On the other hand, the plastic eyelets do not rust and their price is affordable . This makes it one of the preferred options when holding a tarp outdoors.

2. Colored or transparent: multicolored eyelets

Another advantage of using plastic eyelets is that you can choose the solid color you prefer or even make engravings . The creativity in this type of pot is infinite . On the contrary, if you want the eyelets to go unnoticed, as in advertising canvases and captivate the public with the message and the quality of the image, you can opt for transparency so as not to break with aesthetics and avoid any type of distraction.

3 . Can be recycled

To these advantages, sustainability is also added. Heavy metals are not used for the manufacture of plastic eyelets and they do not need anti-corrosion treatments . They are ecological, recyclable and sustainable , and can also be used in food environments (according to EU and FDA regulations).

For many years, metal has been the most widely used material for textiles. However, it is proven that the benefits of plastic eyelets are much greater and there is a growing awareness of it.

Where to find a manufacturer of plastic eyelets that guarantees resistance, quality and sustainability

If there is a manufacturer of plastic eyelets that meets these criteria and that stands out in the industry for its technology, it is JOPEVI. Whether for shower curtains, awnings, banners, interior canvases, exterior canvases, large or small format ... at JOPEVI you will find the right type of eyelet and the ideal machinery to implement it .

  • Automatic machines to put plastic and metal eyelets
  • Pneumatic Washer Eyelet Machines
  • Manual machine to put eyelet and washer with trolley
  • Pneumatic machine with double head Cut + Eyelet + Washer

Access the JOPEVI catalog of eyelet machines for curtains, tarpaulins and awnings and benefit from the fastest and most powerful machines on the market to place the recommended plastic eyelets. If you need more information, contact us without obligation:

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