Eyeleting machines with grommets on curtains in small quantities: where to find them and which one to choose

Machines for setting eyelets in small quantities curtains in small quantities
12 Jul 2021

Do you need a machine to place a few eyelets with washers that guarantee the stability and resistance of the curtain fabric ? There are several techniques used to hold pieces, some more rudimentary and others more modernized. Fortunately, with the advancement of technology, it is no longer necessary to resort to force to adjust the riveting or drilling pressure , but now there are specialized machines that can perform both movements simultaneously and in record time .

JOPEVI is one of the companies that has bet the most on the technological development of the printing industry thanks to its dedication and commitment to the manufacture and distribution of high quality machines . Today, it has become one of the benchmark industrial machinery manufacturers with extensive international coverage with distributors in Portugal, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Poland, Greece, Denmark, Norway, United States, New Zealand, Australia, etc.

Now that you know where to find a trusted manufacturer that provides high quality machinery for the textile, clothing and leather industries , it is time to see which type is best for you to place eyelets and eyelets with washers in small quantities.

The most recommended machines to place a few eyelets on curtains, PVC tarpaulins or banners

As you have seen in the JOPEVI catalog, there are 3 types of machinery that you can choose from: automatic, manual or pneumatic . Each one has special technical specifications depending on the need to be covered. If we focus on the perfect placement of a few eyelets in curtains and textiles, below we have selected some of the best of each type:

Recommendation 1:

They are the fastest and most advanced on the market . In addition, they have excellent versatility allowing their use for other types of materials such as footwear, plastic, cardboard, etc. This particular machine works with a comfortable movement by changing the rails capable of placing eyelets between 2 mm and 7 mm of inner hole .

See more at: https://jopevi.es/en/catalogue/119/automatic-motor-driven-machine-to-put-eyelets-j-228/

Recommendation 2:

It can be used for both plastic and metal pots . You can fit eyelets and washers up to 18mm inner hole without wrinkling the material.

See more at: https://jopevi.es/en/catalogue/97/pneumatic-eyeleting-machine-with-grommets-j-21/

Recommendation 3:

It is characterized by its solidity. By means of a simple movement with the lever you can drill and rivet up to 18 mm of internal hole . It takes up very little space and is a great workbench option.

See more at: https://jopevi.es/en/catalogue/100/manual-machine-for-putting-grommets-washers-j-22/

Do we inform you of the budget and characteristics of the most advanced olladoras machines?

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