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Discover the best technology in riveting machines: JOPEVI

Riveting machines
13 May 2021

Advances in industrial processes are increasing and JOPEVI has contributed to this in part thanks to the development of machinery: machines to put rivets in footwear and textiles, machines to put eyelets in curtains and canvas, machines to put snaps ... customers a flawless product in the shortest possible time is one of the challenges of factories and finishing shops.

JOPEVI's innovative technology has transformed time-consuming and tedious production routines into automated guidelines and processes that make the operator's job , on which all responsibility falls, easier. The workload and stress are some of the factors that can influence that the eyelets or rivets are in the wrong place or are not sufficiently reinforced. This type of defects on the material could be avoided with an automatic machinery of the JOPEVI characteristics, capable of placing tens of thousands of rivets with little margin of error :

  • Function in two movements: approaches the rivet and then rivets .
  • Applicable in different models of rivets (female + male) .
  • Laser pointer to place the rivets in their corresponding place with the greatest possible precision.
  • Washer detector selector to position the rivet with its respective washer .
  • Suitable for all types of materials: footwear, textile, plastic, cardboard, canvas, PVC, etc.

What riveting machines to use?

How do you know which rivet setting machines to use? The eyelets, popularly known as manual riveting machines, are more compact and solid machines that require greater human effort and are recommended for small productions. On the contrary, pneumatic and automatic machines, especially those with optimum performance from JOPEVI, are recommended for large productions.

  • Manual eyelets or riveting machines: for small productions.
  • Pneumatic and automatic machines: for large productions.

Examples of automatic machines

At JOPEVI we manufacture machines to put eyelets, rings, washers, rivets, hooks, snaps, tacks and all the fundamental pieces that are needed to reinforce the material. If you want to cope with the heavy demands and keep the bar high for finishes , check out these revolutionary machines:

  • Automatic machine to put rivets with washer.

  • Automatic rivet setting machine.

  • Automatic motorized machine for setting rivets.

What can you expect from the machines manufactured by JOPEVI?

  • Agility in production rhythms
  • Comfort
  • Velocity
  • Precision
  • Performance

We are suppliers of machines to put rivets, eyelets and eyelets

Are you interested in JOPEVI rivet setting machines? Our team will be happy to inform you of all the characteristics, technical aspects, prices, etc. about our machinery: the most complete on the market .

We distribute our machines for footwear, leather goods, textiles and graphic finishes to all parts of the world: Portugal, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Greece, the United States, Australia, Norway, etc. We are willing to continue expanding our borders to offer the best technology.

If you wish, you can contact our specialists by phone +34 966 651 008 or if you prefer, you can send an email to expressing your interest.