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Eyelet potting machines: Manual vs. automatic

Eyelet potting machines: Manual vs. automatic
23 Mar 2021

Outdated machinery within the finishing department can greatly slow down final deliveries and pose a big problem for customer relationships and company image . In the moments of greatest production, you have to be up to the task and its solution involves a renewal of the machines to put eyelets and eyelets.

With more than 50 years of experience in the manufacture and sale of machines for footwear and textiles , JOPEVI is a benchmark in the sector. Everyone talks about the quality and advanced technology of our eyelet fitting machines with or without washers . Those who have tried the experience, can affirm that ...

  • They are versatile machines : they can be used with any type of material (leather, PVC, cardboard, textile, canvas, etc.) and they also do not produce wrinkles.
  • They are the fastest and most complete on the market : they streamline workflows in large productions and deoxygenate accumulated work.
  • They are comfortable and avoid physical wear and tear on the operator : with a single movement they can drill and place the hole in the right place.
  • They are safe : they have protection systems in the area where the eyelet is installed, reducing the probability of an occupational accident.

Examples of machines for putting productive eyelets for finishing work

Are you looking for potting machines for factories and workshops? Depending on the production levels and needs , it will be convenient for you to choose one machinery or another. In this post we will try to solve your doubts between automatic and manual machines so that your investment is the most successful.

Automatic Machines

If you need powerful machinery for large production cycles , JOPEVI automatic machines are your best choice.

  • Compatible with any material : textile, cardboard, PVC canvas, etc.
  • Its high technology offers an unbeatable quality in the finishes of the product, whether in footwear, leather goods, banners, curtains or awnings.
  • Greater precision in the placement of the eyelets thanks to the laser pointer and the stainless trays that regulate the distance.

This type of machinery translates into a real saving of time while maintaining high quality standards in the production of the finish . If you want to present an impeccable product with perfectly placed reinforcements and ornaments, here are some examples of the best machines to achieve the expected results:

Manual Machines

If you are looking for a simple machine for lower production cycles , JOPEVI manual machines are an excellent option. They are easy to transport to any part of the factory due to their light weight. Before deciding, take a good look at the technical specifications and characteristics of each model, since the use in textile materials can cause wrinkles.

Some examples of manual machines endorsed in the market are:

At JOPEVI we offer you technical solutions using machines to put high quality eyelets

For the placement of eyelets and grommets you can opt for traditional techniques that take a lot of time and effort or current and competitive techniques . We are talking about JOPEVI eyelet fitting machines, which are revolutionizing the market.

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