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What type of eyelet to choose for the finishing of curtains, awnings or banners?

Plastic Eyelets and Metal Eyelets
12 Mar 2021

Eyelets are a basic and essential support that allow reinforcing the material of curtains, canvases, awnings, posters, PVC, etc. to avoid damage or break easily. Although it is a tiny piece, it plays a very important role in fixing the structure and the correct functioning of the product, and that is why it must be used conscientiously. In this post, we will give you the keys to know what type of eyelets to choose according to your needs .

The first question you should ask yourself is: What use am I going to give it? If you do not want to assume the risk of material wear and tear and discard an entire production, here we inform you of the most recommended eyelets that currently exist on the market .

Classification of the types of eyelets

We can distinguish different types of eyelets according to their characteristics. We will explain it to you in detail below:

  • Material: plastic eyelets and metal eyelets

Depending on the type of material with which they are made, you can find plastic or metal eyelets. What is the difference between them? Well, metal eyelets are more commonly used in advertising posters, but they have a significant drawback: they are exposed to corrosion and loss of color of the material over time .

For its part, the plastic eyelets do not rust, resist low temperatures, do not need an anti-corrosion treatment and have greater flexibility to apply various colors or even to make engravings . If you are looking for versatile, multifunctional, discreet eyelets that do not break aesthetics, the short answer is: bet on plastic eyelets.

In particular, JOPEVI plastic eyelets have a greater acceptance in the market for being durable, recyclable and of high quality . The work carried out in the graphic printing finishing workshops guarantee the efficiency and resistance of the JOPEVI eyelets.

  • Size and Shape

JOPEVI's range of plastic eyelets offers the most standard sizes: Ø8 mm, Ø10 mm, Ø12 mm, Ø16 and Ø18 mm . First of all, you will have to take a good look at the dimensions of the support so that it fits perfectly. At JOPEVI you will also find eyelet fitting machines with which you can place eyelets, eyelets and washers with greater precision .

As for the shape, the most used are round and oval . If in your case, you need to place oval eyelets on canvas, awnings or curtains, this automatic oval eyelet machine will suit you very well.

  • Color

Is the color of the eyelet important for your production? If you want to send a message or convey a certain aesthetic, you can use a wide range of colors in the plastic eyelets . If you think that metal combines better with design, you also have that option. But remember: sooner or later it will rust. In this case, you can use stainless steel at a slightly higher price but ensuring a higher quality of the product.

Plastic eyelets can also be invisible . This is a very wise choice if you do not want to break with the aesthetics of the design and prefer something more discreet.

Are you looking for manufacturers of plastic eyelets? Starts with JOPEVI

If you are looking for multifunctional, durable and quality eyelets, JOPEVI eyelets are a safe bet to apply on any type of material : cellular polypropylene, PCV up to 4 layers, X-banner, rigid, textile, foam, mesh ...

Now that you know the different types of eyelets, you will have a clearer idea about which ones are more suitable for the graphic industry sector . If you are interested in JOPEVI ollaos, you only have to request more information through a phone call or message:

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