Plastic eyelets - the perfect addition for securing tarpaulins and awnings

plastic pots
15 Feb 2021

Finishing departments now have many more resources to improve the quality of their finishes or to reinforce the fastening of parts of an awning, for example. Digital printing systems have arrived in bodyshops to stay and facilitate the work of operators who see how production is speeded up and finishes are perfected.

Those who work in a printing workshop know the importance of taking care of every little detail, however small it may be, such as the choice of the eyelet and its material. In this post, we will focus on this accessory, apparently almost invisible but essential for awnings to perform their function correctly. What happens if we place an eyelet in the wrong place? A wrong positioning of the eyelet could accelerate the wear of the material, even break it completely.

This is one of the most frequent problems that could be avoided with a correct choice of eyelets and machinery suitable for placing eyelets. In this post we tell you why you should opt for plastic eyelets instead of metal eyelets and examples of machines to set eyelets more accurately and without unnecessary wear.

Plastic pots vs. metal pots, which is better?

Which type of eyelet is best for canvas finishes? It will largely depend on the material of the tarpaulin and the finish you want to achieve. However, there is one type of eyelet that never fails because of its strength, durability and favourable qualities. This is undoubtedly the JOPEVI plastic eyelet.

If you want to avoid further material wear and production losses, JOPEVI plastic eyelets are a reliable and safe bet. Just take a look at their main characteristics:

  • They do not rust or deform
  • They are resistant to high and low temperatures
  • They do not require anti-corrosion treatment
  • They can be recycled
  • They are durable
  • Protected from ultraviolet light
  • Easy to combine (they do not break with the aesthetics)
  • Flexibility in choosing various colours and even engravings

A good way to implement plastic eyelets in the finishing of tarpaulins is by using JOPEVI eyelet machines: versatile, easy to use, with impeccable precision and easy to carry. In the web catalogue you can see examples of eyeleting machines of reference in the market, with advanced technology and a high percentage of reliability:

JOPEVI: manufacturers of plastic grommets for the reinforcement of tarpaulins

JOPEVI manufactures plastic grommets that adapt to any thickness and material. Graphic arts workshops have already proven their reliability in their different sizes: Ø8, Ø10, Ø12 and Ø16.

If you want to know more about the quality of JOPEVI plastic eyelets, do not hesitate to call us on +34 966 651 008 or send us a message to We will inform you extensively.