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Guide to producing perfect finishes with our hand-operated eyelet machines

Curtain hand-operated eyeletting machines
10 Feb 2021

Investing in technology is investing in a better future . This is the work philosophy we follow at JOPEVI when we manufacture our machines for curtains, footwear and digital printing . Finishing departments now have the opportunity to have stronger and more powerful machinery to improve design and grow their business.

All of our sniffing machines comply with safety regulations and present high quality standards . Our machines for placing eyelets by hand are characterized, especially, by their robustness and easy handling. You will be surprised how easy and fast it is to work with JOPEVI's manual pot inserting machines. Anyone can perfect the finishes of curtains and clothing at an accelerated rate and with more than optimal results. And all in 3 easy steps!

  1. Anchor the sniffing machine on a stable work table that allows you to execute the movement naturally and without complications.
  2. Place the eyelet and washer on the machinery . Make sure they are positioned properly to avoid damage to the material when the lever is pressed.
  3. Operate the lever with one hand just at the point previously indicated and where we want to place the eyelets and washers. With the remaining hand, you can hold the material and place it in the marked spot.

Ready! In just a few seconds you will have already managed to place your first eyelets and washers. Now you can advance to the next process without delaying the production chain and meeting the expected delivery times .

Increase the productivity of your workshop with the correct manual sniffing machine

Are you not at the production rate you would like? Our manual pressure cookers will interest you. On the same day you will notice a higher rhythm in the production cycle . If the demand for your curtains, tarpaulins or awnings has increased and you need to keep up, break production records with a machine as fast and efficient as the ones we designed at JOPEVI. Its characteristics are summarized in:

  • Easy handling
  • Easy to transport
  • Solid and compact structure
  • Suitable for all types of materials : from PVC canvas, textiles to rigid materials. Does not crease the material
  • Anchored to a work table

Model J-22: Manual machine to put eyelets with washers

In the same movement it is able to pierce the material and rivet the eyelets. If you are going against the clock, this functionality will come in handy. Versatility is one of the characteristics that best defines this model of sniffer .

By changing the dies you can even place eyelets and washers up to 18 mm inner hole. It is designed to work with plastic eyelets and metal eyelets .

If you need more information about this competent machine to put eyelets, here we provide you with the technical data of the machine, characteristics and photographs: .

Model J-37: Manual self-drilling machine to put plastic eyelets

This sturdy and compact style of eyelet allows the fitting of 8, 10, 12 and 16 mm plastic eyelets and washers. The use of plastic eyelets is highly recommended for different reasons:

  • They do not suffer from corrosion or oxidation problems
  • You will avoid a greater wear of material
  • They are more resistant, durable
  • Can be recycled

The light weight (4.7 kg) of this machine to put plastic eyelets makes it easy to move anywhere in the workshop. If you want to see what this machinery is capable of, go to its product sheet: .

We are manufacturers of eyelets for curtains, canvases, awnings and graphic arts

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