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Automatic potting machines, the best choice for large productions

Automatic potting machines, the best choice for large productions
29 Jan 2021

When you are looking for speed and efficiency in production, automatic eyelet machines are the way to go. There are three types of eyelet machines in the industry: manual, semi-automatic and automatic. The latter are ideal for large production runs and the optimisation of work in print shops. Before investing your money, find out about the qualities and the type of machinery best suited to your specific needs.

JOPEVI makes it really easy for you. It has an excellent catalogue of machines to put eyelets on curtains, tarpaulins, awnings, leather goods, footwear and graphic arts. On their website you can compare different types of fast and versatile machines that adapt to any movement you want to make: from setting rivets and rings to male and female snaps. The choice of one machine or another will depend, to a large extent, on the finishes you want to achieve.

If you have a large production run and you are worried about not keeping up or falling behind in delivery times, you will be interested in choosing the automatic machines. You will notice a big change in the pace of work and you will meet your targets. By incorporating automated processes, operators will be able to speed up finishing with as little physical wear and tear as possible while maintaining high quality standards.

Examples of automatic eyelet machines

What criteria must automatic potting machines meet to be considered quality? If the time has come to replace your old machinery with a more technological and revolutionary one, JOPEVI models are a benchmark in the sector for their precision, high technology and versatility. Let's take a look at some examples:

Shoe and leather goods machines
  • J-399: Automatic motor-driven machine for setting eyelets with washers.

Suitable for all types of materials: footwear, plastic, textile, cardboard... It pierces the material, without wrinkles, and rivets the eyelets in a single movement. Thanks to its laser pointer and washer detector selector, each eyelet is placed with its corresponding washer. More information at:

  • J-596 A: Automatic motor-driven snap setting machine

It is capable of setting fasteners in any material. It works in two movements: it pulls the snap closer and then rivets it. Its advanced functions allow to place the fasteners in very specific places. More information at:

Automatic clipper for curtains, tarpaulins and awnings
  • J-239: Automatic eyeleting machine with washers

Currently, it is the fastest and most complete machine on the market. It is characterised by its large capacity (it sets eyelets and washers up to 18 mm inner hole) and precision. A very good option to avoid design errors and waste of material. More information at:

  • J-259: Automatic pneumatic eyeleting machine with plastic washers

Adapts to all types of materials without wrinkling. It sets eyelets and plastic washers of 10 mm, 12 mm and 16 mm, and it also has a trolley to move the machine on the floor more comfortably. More information at:

JOPEVI offers technological solutions for automatic eyelet machines

These automatic eyelet machines are designed to meet the needs of workshops with large volumes of work. At JOPEVI you will find all types of machinery for footwear, awnings, tarpaulins and graphic arts. If you want to continue growing your business, join JOPEVI's technology and you will soon see the results.

Do you need an urgent change of machinery? Don't slow down your production and come to find out more about our automatic potting machines in Calle Nicolás de Bussi, 32, 03203 Elche Parque Industrial, Alicante. If you prefer, you can also call us on +34 966 651 008 or send us an email to