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How to identify machines for setting eyelets in optimal curtains in the industry

machines for setting eyelets on curtains
18 Jan 2021

What criteria have to meet the machines to put eyelets in curtains to consider them suitable for the market? In the production of curtains, different techniques come into play: from the cutting of the fabric to the precision of the rivets . There are some versatile machines, like the ones we offer at JOPEVI, that make work easier and keep pace in factories.

What do you have to look at before investing in this type of machinery? Versatility is a very important factor that you must always keep in mind. Before buying a machine to place eyelets, you should make sure if it meets your needs 100%:

  • I am looking for a manual, automatic or pneumatic machine?
  • Is it suitable for all types of materials?
  • What movements can I do?
  • What is its precision capacity?
  • Does it allow to place metal and / or plastic eyelets?
  • Is it easy to transport?
  • What is its power? And performance?
  • Is it the right size for the space I have?

Machines to put eyelets on curtains, your best ally to achieve perfect finishes

JOPEVI machines for putting eyelets on curtains are for professional and industrial use . If there is a powerful machine on the market capable of answering these questions and keeping up with the industry, that is, without a doubt, our J-21 model: Manual pneumatic machine to put eyelets with washers .

This eyelet machine is suitable for all types of materials: textile, cardboard, canvas, awnings, PVC, etc. It allows to pierce the material and rivet the eyelets in the same movement and without creasing the fabric. Plus, thanks to the laser pointer and scroll heads, eyelet placement is very precise.

If you are going to place plastic or metal eyelets, in different shapes and sizes , always look for a machine that meets your specific needs and allows you to recreate your designs . At JOPEVI we manufacture different models of automatic, manual and semi-automatic machines that might interest you:

For plastic eyelets

This trolley pot laying machine is excellent for small productions . Place plastic eyelets and washers on rigid materials, although in this case it is not advisable for textile materials as some wrinkles may appear. It has a trolley to move the machine anywhere in the factory without making great efforts or damaging the floor.

See more in our catalog of machines for plastic eyelets .

For metal eyelets

This machine to put eyelets on washers is suitable for all kinds of materials: from textile, canvas, PVC, cardboard to metal. By changing the dies, it is able to place oval eyelets and washers up to 40 mm inner hole with greater ease. DO NOT WRINKLE THE MATERIAL.

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JOPEVI: the manufacturer of machines to put eyelets on curtains that never fails

If you are interested in our machines to put eyelets on curtains, canvases or awnings, visit us at Calle Nicolás de Bussi, 32, 03203 Elche Parque Industrial, Alicante. To contact us from your place of work, you can call us at +34 966 651 008 or send us a message to .

We will be happy to inform you more widely about the characteristics and prices of our machines to put eyelets, eyelets and rivets in footwear, leather goods, curtains and graphic arts .