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Are you looking for eyelet machines for curtains, awnings or tarpaulins? Our Model J-25 will interest you

Are you looking for eyelet machines for curtains, awnings or tarpaulins? Our Model J-25 will interest you
21 Dec 2020

There are several types of machines for placing eyelets on curtains that you can find in the market, but none like our J-25 model . This manual pneumatic machine is a revolution for its speed, performance and precision in finishing . It works by changing the dies and has a capacity of up to 40 mm of inner hole to place eyelets and washers. In addition, it is also suitable for placing TIP oval eyelets.

In curtains, PVC tarpaulins or awnings workshops, workers will enjoy greater comfort while meeting deadlines with customers. The operator no longer has to make great physical efforts. Simply press a pedal and focus on the quality of the finishes . There are many facilities that this machine provides you when measuring the distance between one eyelet and another:

  • Stainless tray
  • Positioning guides
  • Laser pointer

Make the most of each of the functionalities to avoid errors and wear on the material . For more information, you can visit the technical sheet by clicking on the following link: .

Discover our machines to place eyelets on curtains: fast and versatile

You don't know where to find machines to place eyelets on curtains? At JOPEVI we have all the advanced technical solutions you need for the footwear, leather goods, textile and graphic arts industries . In our catalog you will find all kinds of machinery: from automatic motorized machines to put clasps, rings and eyelets, to pneumatic machines to put eyelets with washers or lever-operated manual machines.

Before choosing a machine for the workshop, make sure they are fast, safe, easy to use and transport machines , in case of a change in space. If you need help to find out which machinery is the most suitable for your workshop, consult the opinion of our specialists. At JOPEVI we are specialized in the manufacture of high-performance machinery models, capable of placing eyelets and washers in all types of materials : textile, cardboard, canvas, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), metal and many more.

If we focus on our J-25 model, you should know that it does not wrinkle the material and they are perfect for placing plastic or metal washers on curtains, canvases and awnings. With the use of this machinery, the workers will have obtained high quality finishes in the shortest possible time and with minimal effort .

Trust our machines to place eyelets on curtains and improve your production day by day

If the demand for your curtains, awnings or tarps has increased or your machinery has become obsolete and slows down production cycles, you should consider the idea of buying machines to place eyelets on more powerful curtains. At JOPEVI you will find the perfect machine for your specialization .

We are trusted by distributors around the world : Italy, France, United Kingdom, Australia, Norway, Portugal, United States, Germany ... If you want to know in depth our machinery models, you can visit us at Calle Nicolás de Bussi, 32, 03203 Elche Parque Industrial, Alicante, call us at +34 966 651 008 or send us an email to .